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RLM News – August 31st, 2011”

Honeyboy Edwards dies at 96, Globalists to humanitarianly Bomb Italy next?, People are Shell-shocked and nervous, Financial World about to hit the panic button, Chocolate can save your life, Brave Man faces life in prison for recording jack-booted thugs, Mutated Avian Flu Scare coming from FDA and WHO, Robert Scott Bell, Obama ridiculously suggests mortgage modification […]

Delusional Realities w/ anti 2011/08/31 links;

Show started approx. 9:45 EDT with John K. Wilson, guest on Media matters w/ Bob McChesney . Wilson has written a book about Rush Limbaugh. Side topics: Arrests at the Tar Sands protest are nearing the 600 mark with most notably, Daryl Hannah joining the ranks… further reading; [10:13] das-Ding [10:13] BarMan Actress […]

RLM News – August 30th, 2011 4”

Breaking the Law, Feds may seize Liberty Dollars, Libya invaded for planning to use Gold Dinar, Consumer Confidence Crumbles, We've been Neo-conned – Ron Paul, Anarchist Next Door, Gibson Guitar Raided for supporting wrong party? The Feds, Secret Service, plan on seizing Liberty Dollars and other non-government minted coins. They call these coins, that have actual […]

RLM News – August 29th, 2011”

Al Gore says you are a racist if you don't believe in ManBearPig and Global Warming, Hurricane Irene's effects of media hype, Institute of Medicine a Government Propaganda tool to convince you that poison is safe, Global Banking Cartel and Clown Bernanke want to keep the circus act going The lunatic global warming hoax king, Al […]

RLM News – August 26th, 2011”

Goodnight Irene, Biden calls for more stimulus, Bank of America Trying to raise Capital, JP Morgan foreclosing on US Treasury, Bernanke's Hidden Bazooka Policy, 2nd Quarter GDP Revised down, Hurricane Survival Tips, Irene weakening, DC Quake was a nuclear explosion, Libya is proving to be a humiliation for NATO, Coping with Fear Bernanke says no QE3 […]

RLM News – August 24th, 2011”

CBO Forecast Deficit while stating it is making it all up, U.S. NATO Places Price on Gadaffi's Head, "Rebels" plan to hand over Libya's riches to the Globalists, Afghan Police Brutality – bought and paid for by your tax dollars, FBI is a terrorist organization, Zionist Neo-Con Attacks RT, Home Prices Decline, France Supports Rebels I […]

RLM News – August 23rd, 2011”

San Fran Crowds Throw a party for Jack-Booted BART Thugs, The Great Collapse Has Begun, Bank of America is Bankrupt, S&P Fires CEO for telling truth, FBI attacks – you may be next, Colorado's largest quake since 1973, Libya thoughts and comments Protests at various BART Stations last night were broadcast live on the Internet. […]

Buddy Roemer’s Challenge – Short FYI 1 The above url references a speech by Republican presidential candidate Buddy Roemer delivered August 15, 2011 at the National Press Club in DC.  This video is hosted at c-span and mirrored at the above link with a transcript in text. First some background (from Reomer's main campaign website): The corrupting influences that special interests have […]

RLM News – August 22nd, 2011”

Social Security is insolvent and you can plan on working until you drop dead if you depend on the government rather than yourself, The phony rebels and planned take-down of Tripoli, FBI vs, antibiotics overdose creates super-bugs, copper kills them, vaccines cause the disease they are supposed to prevent You have been lied to your […]