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RLM News – October 31st, 2011”

Ron Paul, in his weekly address, discusses the lies present in Obama's announced withdraw of troops from Iraq. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is planning a total shutdown of all communication systems in the United States on November 9th. The DHS is funding Taser armed surveillance drones in Texas to monitor and control anti-government activists. […]

OWS Everett WA

I attended the OWS in Everett WA on October 29th. This is the first week of this Occupation. When I got to the courthouse, the first thing I saw was Red and Blue Flashing Lights from a Police SUV. They had several Snohomish County Sheriffs and a few Everett Police. What I noticed was a lot […]

RLM News – October 28th, 2011”

As the Global Corporate Government continues, at an ever increasing rate, implementing new and more vicious forms of tyranny on the people, Alternative News sites, like this one, try and bring you the truth behind the propaganda that is continually pumped out of the CLAP (Corporate Lame-Ass Propaganda) Machine. The Global Control Freaks don't like not […]

RLM News – October 27th, 2011″

Open Message to the 99%, Occupy Wall Street, #OWS movement – The government is not your friend. None of the agents of the government are on your side. The police do not care about you and will continue to crush you. The people you should be going after, are the state, the government. Government is the […]

RLM News – October 25th, 2011

Who is the enemy of the people? The State. They try to control your thoughts from the day you are born so that the reality you believe is their reality. They use massive propaganda to keep you "right thinking". But, who exactly is 'the state'. It is not the people you vote for, that you think […]

RLM News – October 24th, 2011”

Turkey, the source of the Euphrates River, was struck by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake yesterday. This may have been a natural quake, but I am thinking the timing is highly suspect. The Israeli government immediately offered to "provide assistance", the Turkish government wisely refused. There are many dynamics going on in that region. It is hard […]

RLM News – October 21st, 2011”

Everything the government says is a lie. Everything the government does is designed to keep you enslaved, docile and dumbed down. In today's show, I go through several examples of this. This is nothing more than a very small sampling of the evils of government. I could do a show on this topic every single day […]

RLM News – October 20th, 2011”

The Global Bankster Cartel (GBC) creates fiat money from nothing and charges you interest to use it. There are over $1.4 Quadrillion (Yes, with a Q) of derivative bets in existence, all of them highly leveraged and with no underlying value. Zero, Nada, Zilch! The biggest of the Too Big To Fail banks are highly invested […]

RLM News – October 19th, 2011″

Let The Banks Fail – It's time to put an end to the bankster party that you are paying for. A Satirical Letter from Goldman-Sachs that might as well be real considering how they think. Bank of America (BAC) is going down, and the U.S. phony financial system along with it. More and more cities are […]