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RLM News – December 30th, 2011”

We have reached the end of 2011. What a wild year in news it was. Almost every bit of bad news, outside of the Japanese earthquake (and even that is questionable), is due to one government or another behaving like the fascists that they are. As we have seen, not only this year, but in previous […]

RLM News – December 29th, 2011”

Today, the 29th day of December, 2011, is MoveYourDomainDay. For anyone unfamiliar with what or why today is that day, The why is simple enough, Domain Registrar company has been in favor of, lobbied for, and helped crafting a piece of draconian legislation which would bring about the end of the Internet as we know […]

RLM News – December 28th, 2011”

I am, today, putting out a call to action. This deals with the tyrannical government’s intrusion and spying on you if you use words they don’t like, if you think things the don’t like or basically, if you merely think for yourself. In an article posted on today, they explain that if you use word in […]

RLM News – December 27th, 2011″

America, Where are you now? Don’t you care about your sons and daughters?  Once the religious, the hunted and weary Chasing the promise of freedom and hope Came to this country to build a new vision Far from the reaches of kingdom and pope Like good Christians, some would burn the witches Later some got slaves […]

RLM News – December 23rd, 2011”

America, The United States of, has become a full blown police state, complete with all kinds of “Show me your papers” checkpoints, submit to unwarranted searches, no expectation of privacy anywhere, at any time. You thought that you were safe from the TSA thugs if you didn’t fly on commercial airlines, you thought that you could […]

RLM News – December 21st, 2011”

America is in decline. That statement, of course, is dependent on  what you think America is. If you think America is the totality of the land, the government and the people, the statement is true. If you believe however, that America is strictly the people, the statement is likely false. The government is in severe decline, and it […]

RLM News – December 20th, 2011”

People are disgusted with what the global elitists (Banksters, CLAP, GOP, Democrats, etc.) have been shoving down their throats. Many no longer believe a single word coming from these murderous, lying, thieving, scumbags. It is easy to see when someone is speaking the truth against them how they slander that person in an attempt to destroy […]

RLM News – December 19th, 2011”

With NDAA having blasted it’s way through Congress and Obama’s pen signing it at lightning speed, you have to wonder what kind of wonderful things the Government has in mind for anyone who doesn’t agree with everything they say and do. We have already seen, even without the language of this bill being codified, the assassination […]

RLM News – December 16th, 2011″

What would you call the state of the current global economy? A blog posting I shared on the show today gives the options of recession, depression or recovery. I suggest to you a fourth, and to me the only accurate possible option, a collapse. If you picture a recession or a depression you can see from […]