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RLM News – January 23rd, 2012”

Yes, Elections in the U.S. are rigged. Politicians are selected, not elected. The bread and circuses surrounding elections are certainly fun to watch and participate in, but the results are predetermined. Voices of true liberty are stifled at all costs. You get to see a few reports about dead voters casting ballots, of course, that is […]

Leonard Peltier – How to Garnish the Native American Vote – Whats Ron Paul’s Position on Presidential Pardon?

The Native American vote is significant. Many Democrats amongst the Natives. But I want to know what is Ron Paul’s position on LEONARD PELTIER? Would Ron Paul grant a Presidential Pardon of Leonard Peltier if elected President of the United States of America? If he came out and made this an election issue, and announced the […]

Official Boycott of Lamestream Medias Corporate Sponsors From the Daily Paul As a Ron Paul supporter since 2008 campaign (For Liberty!!!!), I have seen a very disturbing trend of smear campaigns and hit jobs on Ron Paul via the mainstream media. You know the typical culprits and pundits. Well enough is enough!!! I have been pondering an OFFICIAL BOYCOTT of the media’s […]

RLM News – January 20th, 2012″

The Boston Tea Party was a first strike against British Fascism by the American Colonists. The British Oligarchy responded by closing down commerce in Boston. The colonists went on to respond with further protests against Britain. On Wednesday, the Black-Out the internet day was, in my view, the Boston Tea Party of the internet. The fascist […]

RLM News – January 19th, 2012”

Yesterday was Stop SOPA day and the internet Blackout, today is Lysander Spooner day, a day to celebrate individualism and voluntarism. The government doesn’t care, it continues on it’s merry little march toward total fascism, regardless of what the people think, do or say. They try to make you feel like you have a say in […]

RLM News – January 13th, 2012”

Which do you prefer – Liberty or tyranny? Peace or War? Freedom or enslavement? Truth or Lies? If you see injustices being done against others and do not speak out against it, you are part of the problem and it is only a matter of time before you will become the victim of that apathy. Government […]