Stop Making Us Look Like IDIOTS!

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If there is one thing in the truth movement that makes me cringe in shock and embarrassment, it is the wild stories told as the next conspiracy. I understand that so many lies are told to us that it becomes difficult to know what is real. There really are terrible things that happen under suspicious circumstances. We don’t need to exaggerate when investigating. The world is bad enough.

When the 777 crashed in San Francisco I heard the wildest theories about what really happened. Anyone could see the pilot came down too early and knocked the tail off the airplane at the end of the runway. The aircraft turned and one wing got more lift under it, the other wing got less. The airplane lifted up on it’s side because of that. The reason the plane came in tail down, is because that is how airplanes land. The main (rear) landing gear touches down first, then the nose gear. DUH! No conspiracy there.

How about the Boston bombing? I watched a video the other day about it. There were valid theories and points made that I had never heard before. There were witnesses saying they saw a garbage can blow up, not a backpack. Great video. Except that then they showed a picture of a guy on the ground with his right leg bent. The lower part of his right leg was not visible from that direction. Slightly above the knee was the cuff at the bottom of his shorts, and the shorts leg itself. The guy who made the video tried to claim the shorts cuff and leg were the canister that the fake bomb was in. I immediately thought the guy must be on drugs. Anyone could see that was a piece of the man’s clothing! Another picture was badly pixelated, and the video maker had an arrow pointing at something he claimed was the other fake bomb canister. I sure didn’t see it. The video would have been fantastic, if he had left out those things. It lost a lot of credibility with them included.

Poor Michael Hastings. Not only was he murdered, in my opinion, but wild theories swirl around him even in death. There again, I watched an informative video about his car crash. The producer of the video seemed to be knowledgeable and like he did a lot of research before stating his case. That is, until he claimed that the tree Mr Hastings hit was three feet wide, so that meant the car had increased in width to 12 feet because of an explosion inside the car. He came to that conclusion by looking at a frontal picture of the car and figuring out how much wider the car was than the tree. That model car is normally under six feet wide. Meanwhile, there was a guy standing near the tree. You could tell by his proportions that he was not obese. In this picture he was the same width as the tree. If the video producer was correct, that meant the man was also THREE FEET WIDE. I don’t think so. What made him think the tree was three feet wide? Wild speculation, in my opinion. He also lost all credibility by making those claims.

When people in the truth movement make a video or write a blog, they should check every fact. Look their work over several times. Show it to friends. Make changes as necessary. Understand that there are people that jump at the chance to discredit the truth movement. Stop making it so easy for them.

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3 thoughts on “Stop Making Us Look Like IDIOTS!

  1. So stop falling for muddy-the-waters spook concoctions designed to distract and confuse.

    Or are you unintentionally telling tales outside class? Fess up, now…

  2. I remember watching the SST come in for a landing at an AFB.
    All of us airmen were on the flight line ready for a good show.
    We got one when the SST came in with the nose so high we all thought the tail would hit and break off!
    When the rear landing gear did work perfectly we then thought the bent nose was going to hit the runway and break off as it came down. It didn’t. Again, normal.

    BTW, this was the second landing of the SST ever made in the USA. Bergstrom AFB, Tx..
    The first was in Houston because the ‘authorities’ would not allow it to land in NYC.
    I believe their excuse was sonic booms or some such nonsense. We all thought they were just jealous and knew this after we saw this incredible aircraft land. Never forget it.

    A civilian passenger plane which could out fly our F-4 fighter jets with one engine tied behind its back.

  3. …okay…let us give you your point…many “wild stories” abound after such events…however…is the frustration and anger to be directed at a public audience that has been conditioned for decades to “move along, nothing to see here”…and then believe that events like the WTC implosion happened because of some jet fuel? Oh..and that the “passport” of one of the “high-jackers” was found on the smoldering pile of molten rubble the next day? Or what about the very public photo used by the media to illustrate the Boston Bombing which showed a man supposedly with his legs blown off…being transported from the scene in a wheelchair? Not only do they not transport trauma victims of this magnitude in wheelchairs…they most often would not be sitting up, holding a thigh and moaning to the camera as this man obviously was…and then to top it off…the man was later identified as an Iraq war vet who had his legs blown off in Iraq five years before…and was now an paid actor…in trauma scenes? So while we get Ms. Murphy’s POV…I think she should direct her anger at the public media, the politicians and the military / corporate industrial corporate…and tell them to get their lies and propaganda off our nations tv screens?…how about we start demanding that the news media actually report the full truth…eh?

    Unless Ms. Murphy is a corporate shill herself?


    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves – the Life of an Insane Family

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