Earthquakes and Volcanoes

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Earthquakes and Volcanoes

   While all everyone talks of the “Government Shutdown” and all the events surrounding it, there are bits of information being left out. We are not hearing about the increase of earthquakes or volcano eruptions. WHY? THEY are wanting us to focus on the loss of money, jobs, and what is going on in the government offices.  

   The following information is not being told. I feel this needs to be known. This information is very important and WILL affect every ones’ lives. I believe it is time that we pay attention to what Mother Nature is telling us. Without her, we have NO place to call home.

   I will start this with providing information on the volcanoes that are becoming more frequent. And yes, most are triggered by our LOVELY government officials. Some of this information has been shared in the MSM, but then, some are left to not be told.

   This year a lot of activity has taken place all around the world. Each month we are seeing a large number of eruptions .

   So many people have lost their homes. Having to move from the towns they have worked in. Food supplies have been destroyed as well. If some one where to ask me “Why is this so important?” This is what I would say to them. “If one of the large volcanoes where to erupt, do you know how it would affect everyone, I DO” Many things could take place. Starting with the cloud of ash and smoke, known as the PLUME (Eruption column or volcanic plume, a column of volcanic ash and gas emitted into the atmosphere during an eruption). This would cause breathing to become hard, if not, completely unable to breath. This cloud would then spread for MILES if not covering over an entire country or many in some cases.

   You could also have a great explosion. Causing the earth to shake, an earthquake ripple affect. Those closest to the eruption and quakes would encounter buildings to be destroyed. The 1st stage would be crumbled from the blast and earthquake. What was not destroyed would then be shortly covered in a sea of lava. Taking out everything in it’s path. This would occur so quickly that NO ONE would have time to find safety, nor would higher ground be a safe zone. The fireballs of mountain side would be flying through the air, almost the same as the visual from some larger meteors that we have seen in recent days as well as in the past.

   Now you may ask yourselves “Why did she choose to list volcanoes before earthquakes?” Here is the answer. If you think about it, you would already know the answer. One large volcano can cause a chain reaction of quakes, some smaller than others. This would cause a ripple affect through all the  tectonic plates. For example, if you look at the “Ring of Fire” zone, 1 eruption here could cause a devastating reaction.  The blast from the right volcano could in fact set of the plates in this region. This would affect everything in the area, reaching into Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Thus the domino affect would begin.  If Yellowstone was to erupt, this WOULD affect the New Madrid Faultline.


   Earthquakes are being triggered in the surrounding areas of Yellowstone, as well as, the New Madrid Faultline. There are many of us around the world that keep our eyes and ears open to these areas. We are trying to get this information out to as many as possible, in the hopes that this will be passed along for others to research and help with providing knowledge to those who are unaware of the “Awakened Giants”. I am unsure if these events can be stopped. I do know if the governments that are causing this continue, these will take place sooner, and many lives will be lost.

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