Planning A Course of Action In Troubled Times

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A conversation I had with a friend recently caused certain ideas to come to mind. The main point of this conversation was a plan of action in light of the events unfolding in the world around us. One suggestion was to “lay low until the unaware people began being carted off to FEMA camps.” The idea was that more people would then be forced to wake up, and those of us who were already awake would be there to lead the rest of humanity in the struggle for survival. That would make it necessary for the people in the truth movement to avoid attracting attention to ourselves until the chips started falling. I may not be as vocal as I would like to be, but I cannot be completely silent if that would possibly cost others their freedom or lives.

I am bound by certain moral constraints that guide my thoughts and actions. My top priority of course would be my own survival. If I don’t survive, I will be no help to anyone. Second is the obligation to my loved ones. I believe this is a natural instinct. Third, I have an obligation to my community. If circumstances are good in my hometown, then the people I know are safe and healthy. Caring about my community is another step to ensuring the safety of myself and my loved ones. My concern for people continues to broaden until it includes all of humanity. The more any topic effects me and mine, the more I care about it. In other words, I care about people all over the world, but care the most about the people closest to me.

My plan of action will put my loved ones at little risk. However, I am compelled to try to help as many people as I can to be aware of the possibility that terrible things may take place in the world. I say possibility because none of us knows with certainty what is going to happen. There is a lot of evidence pointing to the ill intentions of our world leaders and those in positions of power. Even though conditions are worse than ever, and more freedom is stripped away by the day, forecasts are made all of the time about doomsday scenarios that simply never happen. When looking at all of these things with a level head, I think it is wise to prepare for our safety and health. This includes being aware of possible dangers and a plan to deal with those. It means storing as many supplies as we are able to, such as food, hygiene and medical supplies. It also means carrying out our normal lives and planning for our future. Our whole lives cannot be centered around some terrible event that could happen someday.

I believe we should tell people in our lives who are not awake of the dangers we may face. I believe we should use public forums and personal conversations to nudge people into researching for themselves and deciding on their own course of action. I am not willing to be so vocal I paint a target on my back or hang a sign on my front door that says “Troublemaker Inside.” Neither do I believe an “Every man for himself” attitude is moral or just. I do not believe I have the power to change the world by myself. I do believe if enough people share a freedom-loving mindset with me, the winds of change may blow in a good direction. I do not have a master plan, but I am willing to listen to anyone who says they do. If that plan meets my standards, and has a chance to succeed, I would consider joining their effort. Of all the talk I hear, I am still waiting for a workable plan.

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