Fukushima and How It Is Affecting You NOW!

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Power Plant Fallout

                                 Fukushima and How It Is Affecting You NOW!

  While many people are still blinded by the affects of the disaster that took place in 2011 at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant, some of us have been researching on this matter daily. I take this event to heart more than most. One due to my love for Mother nature herself and two, I have family that live in California that remain “sheltered” behind the lies being told.

Nuclear Power Plant information that you may not have known

  I had written the above blog a few months back that touched base on some of the issues surrounding this disaster. Included in this information I had mentioned what lead up to the disaster taking place. As I have watched the months pass since I had posted this information, more disasters have taken place from this. Most of which I had seen coming, the contamination, the cancers, and the deaths.

   Still many either choose to turn their cheek on the matter or still believe the lies that are being told. We have seen more “mass die offs” in the Pacific Ocean, as well as other areas, than the year before and still the public is told that it is something other that radiation contamination. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that we are being affected more and more each day. In the United States, scientists are bringing over some of the  materials/debris from the disaster site to study in their labs. By doing so, this spreads the pollutants to new surroundings, including the researching that are doing tests on these items to be affected.

Anoxic Oceans, Biotoxins and Harmful Algae — Missing Links in Mass Dolphin Deaths on US East Coast?

Fukushima Radiation Levels Will Concentrate in Pockets at Specific US and Canada West Coast Locations

   Meanwhile, the storms that come in off the coast are contaminating either the rain, water, and the land. Most are mislead in the information that has been stating  “This is all diluted to the point of being harmless by the time it reaches North American shores in 2014”. But this is incorrect and THEY are hiding the information. More and more mutated fruits and vegetables are being found, as well as children being born with major birth defects.

Reporter in Japan: I’m stunned by brazen cover-up and lies over effects of Fukushima radiation; An epic, unfolding tragedy — Physician: Response has been ‘unthinkable’

      So many things have taken place since the March 11th date. Recently Japan encountered a series of earthquakes that caused another Tsunami. The MSM have once again mislead the public. Informing the blinded that there had not been additional hazards caused to the Fuk-U-shima plant. This is a LIE. For many miles around this plant the land has become VERY unstable. For every earthquake that takes place, the more the ground breaks down.

Expert: Land under Fukushima reactor buildings at risk of turning into liquid — Area near sea could become like mud
 M7.1 – Off the east coast of Honshu, Japan 2013-10-25 17:10:18 UTC

    Now residents are being told that they might be able to go back to the evacuation zones. Even though the area has not been cleared for living in ANY way. Many are questioning whether this should take place, of course TEPCO is all about the money. They have chosen to pay off some of the residents that lived in these ares, hoping that this will bring the refugees back to these contaminated zones and slowly give the company back the money that they will have/had been given to the residents. 

LDP official questions plans for Fukushima evacuees to return home
There’s A Big Downside To Unprecidented Payoffs For Fukushima Refugees

  Fukuppy THEY continue on with the clean up that has an  “Expected” deadline of 2017. This month they are going to “attempt” to remove the move around 400 tonnes of irradiated spent fuel from reactor 4, one of the four reactors damaged in the 2011 disaster. This could in fact cause a bigger issue than the original March disaster that took place. TEPCO, with the help from the United States,  is also wanting to remove the nuclear fuel rods from the cooling pool.  This takes place on November 8th.  There are many issues that could be encountered, due to this has NEVER been attempted before. The rods are  vulnerable to fire should they be exposed to air.

Fukushima: why next month is its biggest since 2011
US to help TEPCO with dangerous Fukushima fuel rods removal

   If the rods do come in contact with air, their zirconium alloy cladding will ignite, the rods will burn and huge quantities of radiation will be emitted. Should the rods touch each other, or should they crumble into a big enough pile, an explosion is possible. If this takes place, this will be MUCH larger of a disaster than the original issue at hand as we see now. This would then become AIRBORNE. I did not write this to push fear upon anyone, but to get this information out. Knowledge is power.

Can Spent Fuel Pools Catch Fire?


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