s. michele brown

The Affect of Economic Policy on Unemployment

The rise in poverty, reduction in the standard of living in the United States, and disappearing middle class can be traced to economic policies favoring big corporations. The people in power not only have huge sums of money at stake, but are actually the puppets of even bigger players in this game of money and power. […]

Planning A Course of Action In Troubled Times

A conversation I had with a friend recently caused certain ideas to come to mind. The main point of this conversation was a plan of action in light of the events unfolding in the world around us. One suggestion was to “lay low until the unaware people began being carted off to FEMA camps.” The idea […]

Consent Not Required

With the threat of war looming over our heads once again like a recurring nightmare, many Americans are wondering how these slaughters keep happening. Haven’t we been protesting? Writing our congressmen? Making and showing videos and posting our discontent on social media? Now that the congress has agreed to at least pretend to debate the issue, […]

My awakening

Sometime between 1995 and 1997 my sister loaned me a book. Until that time I read a lot, but mostly science fiction novels. The title of the book was “En Route To Global Occupation” and was like nothing I had ever read. It was written from a Christian perspective, but that was OK because at the […]

Stop Making Us Look Like IDIOTS! 3

If there is one thing in the truth movement that makes me cringe in shock and embarrassment, it is the wild stories told as the next conspiracy. I understand that so many lies are told to us that it becomes difficult to know what is real. There really are terrible things that happen under suspicious circumstances. […]

False Flag Attack – Pearl Harbor

A couple of the most controversial and inflammatory words thrown about the alternative news community are False Flag. Every time something newsworthy and terrible happens, glory-seeking attention grabbers are making claims of a false flag attack to anyone who will listen. I would like to sit back, take a breath, and examine some of the things […]

False Flag Operations – A Prologue

Does our government carry out false flag operations? The average conspiracy theorist yells a resounding “YES.” But how do you know? Because you read it somewhere? Because the last terrible thing that happened surely looked like it, or there was an emergency drill nearby? Sometime the best answers come from asking questions and not just believing […]

Documented Evidence Concerning the Attack on the USS Liberty 3

The USS Liberty is one of the most egregious examples of war crimes committed against US citizens with the knowledge of the US government on record. After decades of forced silence about the attack, veterans began telling their stories. That our government would be complicit in the coverup is so shocking, so horrible, that many refuse […]

80 Years of Domestic and International Spying

With all of the commotion stirred up lately by whistle blower Edward Snowden, this is a good time to review documents released by the US government concerning programs used to spy on the public. While Mr. Snowden did reveal the PRISM program, the US has had programs and facilities for decades that are used to collect […]

Struggle to Find the Truth

The struggle to find out the truth about the condition of our world is like walking a path covered by obstacles. Even if you are able to get passed the stumbling blocks, there are so many deceptive paths crossing your own, luring you on wild goose chases. The names of people in the truth movement are […]