Some Thoughts on Violence and Class Domination

What is a human to do? Not a clue. I do not condone use of violence, nor do I believe that we can own the means of administering it. Not particularly weapons of destruction, but any means of domination. Our government was devised as a means of domination, and not to free us the people, from […]

OWS: The Hardline Fringe Actors

Riley Hart10-13-2011 The prevailing message that emerges from the majority involved in the protests should not be confused with the hardline fringe; that this tendency to solve a situation by resorting to acts of violence is ‘in itself’ the means to effect societal change. The corrupting influence of various group-based-agendas have been seeking to hijack this […]

Ayn Rand Meets Karl Marx – The Spirit of Unity

Quoting from Slavoj Zizek's work, "Living in the End Times", page 290; …What this also means is that before we succumb to bemoaning the "alienating" effect of the fact that "relations between persons" are being replaced by "relations between things," we should keep in mind the opposite, liberating, effect; displacement of the fetishism onto "relations between […]

Trivia question: Which presidential candidate has a degree in economics? | Iowa Caucuses

  JENNIFER JACOBS 12:39 PM, Sep 21, 2011 Categories: Caucus Insider All the presidential candidates drill home a message on the economy, economy, economy, economy, arguing that they know how to improve it. Of 11 GOP candidates and the Democrat seeking re-election, which actually earned a degree in economics? Charles “Buddy” Roemer Just one: the little-known Buddy […]

Sane Politician @ Jon Stewart

  Sane Politician @ Jon Stewart   I almost didn’t believe it. A politician, republican to boot, who cared enough about American people to bluntly articulate what’s wrong with America’s corporate-politician nexus! Seriously?   Former Louisiana governor Buddy Roemer, running for President, told John Stewart last night, “…our electoral system is sick. You can’t tackle the […]

The Dismal State of the Institution of Debates

This article originally appeared on the author's website by Riley(anti_theocon, das_Ding) The more one investigates the agenda and/or modus operandi of the debate system exposing itself under guise of Republican presidential candidate forums, the more one realizes what a sham not only is the current incarnation of the system of debates, but the entire system of […]

Lew Rockwell Post – 2009 – Privatization of Police

Thanks Quiete for bringing this to my attention- any ideas, anyone?   Small-Town Anarchy by J. L. Bryan by J.L. Bryan   Rothbard and many others have written about the potential benefits of a free market in protection, law, and defense. These include lower cost, greater efficiency, higher quality, more consumer choice, and protection of individual […]

From Christine’s Facebook Thread 8-31-2011

Hi all; I am experiencing some wrist problems and may or may not be in chat today for very long, but I did manage a comment on a Facebook thread, and felt it appropriate to share here. Thread title; It was only a matter of time, now the gang calls itself the "federal family," working their […]