RLM News – July 6th, 2011

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Silver Inventories at Historic Lows, Top Contributors to Mitt Romney, Obama to Write Condolences on Military Suicides, Ireland Junk, Phoenix Dust Storm, U.S. ass bombs, Crude Oil Up on Manipulation, Fort Hood Mk Ultra, Ron Paul’s Debt Plan and more

The Video recording of the show is at the bottom of the post.

These are the links from the information shared on the Real Liberty Media News on
Channel 1 – July 6th, 2011.

Every Breath Bernanke Takes (music video)

Silver Inventory at Historic Lows With Strong Demand

Top Contributors to Mitt Romney

Obama to write condolences for military suicides

Ireland May Be Next to Face Junk After Portugal

Phoenix Dust Storm: Video of Doomsday Scenes in Arizona

US warning of airline plot to implant bombs in people

Crude Oil Climbs for a Second Day on Forecast Decline in U.S. Stockpiles

Fort Hood shooting suspect to face court martial

‘Magic Mushrooms’ Can Improve Psychological Health Long Term

Debt Ceiling: Could Ron Paul’s Plan Save Us From Disaster, twice?

Audit watchdog, SEC plan Beijing visit

GM’s “Channel Stuffing” Goes Mainstream

A Day After GM Channel Stuffing Story Goes Mainstream, Here Comes Morgan Stanley To The Rescue With Its “Top US Auto Pick”

The Fed As A Reverse Robin Hood

Media Already Marginalizing Ron Paul Presidential Campaign

KFC and PepsiCo donate to diabetes research in exchange for your soda purchase

Video streaming by Ustream

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