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The Road Less Traveled #28 on Channel 33

Live on Tuesday starting at 9:00pm Central 10:00pm EST

The Road Less Traveled #28 Tuesday starting at 9:00pm Central 10:00pm EST Please join us on “The Road Less Traveled” with GaryL and GGsBoo as we delve into some of the past weeks significant news and offer some commentary including follow-up on “Garden Wars” in Oak Park, Michigan and “What in The Heck is Going On in Quartzsite, Arizona?” Also, “The Caninator” GGsBoo will report on her storage production progress.

Critically examining the world around us is fundamentally important to development of the philosophical basis of being a “Prepper,” so examining reasons for the feelings of disenfranchisement and frustration is key to focusing on the true direction of our hearts and energies. This is a call-in show so write down the number and share your thoughts – 917-889-7908. As always, we enjoy listener feedback and suggestions for show topics, so please contact us at

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