Delusional Realities w/ anti 2011/08/31 links;

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Show started approx. 9:45 EDT with John K. Wilson, guest on Media matters w/ Bob McChesney .

Wilson has written a book about Rush Limbaugh.

Side topics:

Arrests at the Tar Sands protest are nearing the 600 mark with most notably, Daryl Hannah joining the ranks…

further reading;

[10:13] das-Ding

[10:13] BarMan Actress Daryl Hannah arrested “for a greater freedom” – Crimesider – CBS News


[10:23] das-Ding

[10:23] BarMan Google, OpenDNS add geo speed boost to Net | Deep Tech – CNET News

[10:25] das-Ding “Anybody using OpenDNS or Google Public DNS will immediately get the benefits of this technology,” said OpenDNS Chief Executive David Ulevitch in an interview. Using it, “the worst-case scenario is that things remain they way they are today,” and the best-case scenario is that network delays are as low as they can be, he said.

[10:35] das-Ding You can ignore anti, but you ‘can’ ignore the consequences of ignoring anti. anti

[10:39] das-Ding Until and unless you discover that money is the root of all good, you ask for your own destruction.  When money ceases to become the means by which men deal with one another, then men become the tools of other men.  Blood, whips and guns or dollars.  Take your choice – there is no other.

[10:39] das-Ding This will be subject of a short reading at top of the hour…

[10:41] das-Ding One thing that is not in the reading, but strikes me as important, is the definition of the word ‘becomes’.  It is my opinion that the writing makes more sense when ‘becomes’ is defined as ‘does honor to’ instead of the more traditional ‘changes form’.

Thank you very much for listening.  I hope we brought some light to your day, and looking forward to next time!

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