RLM News – August 16th, 2011

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Know your enemy, Illuminati and the house of Rothschild, Ignoring Ron Paul, Signs of coming riots, Americans are pissed off, Regulatory agencies are growing by leaps and bounds, FDA is trying to kill you, Antibiotics kill your immune system, silver revolution, banana peels purify water, Buffett buying larger stake in Wells Fargo

  • The story of the creation and rise of the House of Rothschild's and the Illuminati. A conspiracy against all of the people of world spanning several centuries. If you question the existence of these groups or the power they wield over your government and religion, read the link below from the Silver Bear Cafe and educate yourself on these matters. Know Your Enemy!
  • The CLAP is doing all it can to make Ron Paul invisible. This will not work. They can see it isn't working and they are afraid of the ideals he stands for becoming part of the popular mindset.
  • The governmental regulatory agencies are growing like crazy, squeezing the freedoms out of ordinary American life, stifling business and killing the job market outside of what the government wants. Government constantly tells the people they are doing all they can to create jobs while in reality they are doing all they can to destroy them. The people are pissed off and will, soon enough, revolt.
  • The FDA being one the most vile of the agencies mentioned above is not there to protect you or allow healthy foods to be eaten, Quite the opposite is the case, which you can read in full detail from the links below on the topics FDA's attack on raw foods and the superbugs which are developed by massive use of antibiotics.
  • I have included additional links to other stories I was not able to get to, due to time constraints, on the live show today. Links I think are important informational posts that I urge you to read.

The Video recording of the show is at the bottom of the post.

These are the links from the information shared on the Real Liberty Media News on
Channel 1 – August 16th, 2011.

Green Day – Know Your Enemy (video)

The Art Of Ignoring Ron Paul

The Illuminati and the House of Rothschild

Signs of Coming Riots: “The United States is Becoming a Very Frightening Place”

Regulation Business, Jobs Booming Under Obama

16 Statistics Which Prove That The American People Are Absolutely Seething With Anger

Proof that the FDA's assault on raw milk has nothing to do with consumer safety

Study: Children who take antibiotics more prone to contracting 'super-bugs'

Propaganda and The Silver Revolution

Slippery Banana Peels Could Be A Savior For Polluted Water

Buffett Increases Wells Fargo Stake

Important Links I didn't have time to cover during the live show

Hedge Funds Cutting Stake In Financial Companies

Ron Paul: ‘They Call Me Extreme – They’re The Extremists!’

David Cameron declares war on his own people; promises a British police state

Institutionalized robbery of the American people: the Pentagon criminal elite

ATF promotes supervisors in controversial gun operation


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