RLM News – August 31st, 2011

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Honeyboy Edwards dies at 96, Globalists to humanitarianly Bomb Italy next?, People are Shell-shocked and nervous, Financial World about to hit the panic button, Chocolate can save your life, Brave Man faces life in prison for recording jack-booted thugs, Mutated Avian Flu Scare coming from FDA and WHO, Robert Scott Bell, Obama ridiculously suggests mortgage modification as part of jobs plan, Electro Currency – a new monetary system by Michael Rivero

  • A small town in Italy has started creating it's own currency. The globalist banksters will obviously not approve of this. Will they send in NATO to do a little "humanitarian bombing" of this town in a NATO member country or simply kill off the "rogue" mayor? We will have to watch and see how this works out.
  • People all over YOUR United States and around the world see that the CLAP is and has been lying about the state of the global economy. They are not out spending on frivolous trinkets, they are not buying new cars, they are not buying new homes, they are doing what they can to get by and prepare for the coming collapse of the fiat debt system. Even the CLAP economists are finding it hard to keep up the hoax. The lenders are not lending. The risk involved is just too great to expect any kind of security or return, even with nations offering very high returns on their debt bonds. If you have not yet begun preparing yourself and you family to independently support and sustain yourself I would suggest you start doing so now. It is very late in the game.
  • The jack-booted thugs across the Corporation known as the United States do not want to be exposed for violent methods and tactics. If you record them doing so, they will try and do bad things to you, like beating you, caging you, charging you with various unrelated "crimes". These cases, when they reach a jury or courtroom, are thrown out as baseless. A brave man is now facing 75 years in the states cage for exposing some of this thuggery. He rejected their crap "plea deal" and will go to trial. I hope this further exposes the fascist state tactics. I hope the judge throws this case out or if not, that the jury nullifies these phony charges. We will be keeping an eye on this. It is time to stand up against tyranny. I am glad to see this man doing just that.
  • The globalists are pushing a new strain of poisonous vaccines produced by their pharmaceutical industrial complex and to get this done they are using scare tactics, and possibly a laboratory concocted virus, to get you to submit to their will.

The Video recording of the show is at the bottom of the post.

These are the links from the information shared on the Real Liberty Media News on
Channel 1 – August 31st, 2011.

David "Honeyboy" Edwards – Gamblin' Man (video)

Legendary bluesman David Honeyboy Edwards dead at 96

NATO to Send "Freedom Fighters" to Italy Next?

Breaking Point: People Are Shell-shocked, Extraordinarily Nervous

25 Signs That The Financial World Is About To Hit The Big Red Panic Button

Scientists announce amazing findings: chocolate offers huge protection from heart disease and stroke

Man Faces Life In Jail For Recording Police

Avian Flu Operant Conditioning (Fear Mongering), Liam Scheff, Junk Food Tax, Future Healing, Bill “Vegan” Clinton and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show August 31, 2011

Obama Considering Mortgage Relief As Part Of New Jobs Plan

Electricity as the universal basis for a new money system


Important Links I didn't have time to cover during the live show

Establishment Prepares 9/11 Official Story Onslaught

Rick Perry accused of hypocrisy as he comes under fire for investment in America's largest pornography distributor

Inside the spy unit that NYPD says doesn't exist

USGS: Glyphosate pollutes air, rain and rivers in US

CNN Scurries to Distance Uncle Onyango From Nephew Barack

Government sues to block AT&T, T-Mobile merger



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