RLM News – September 2nd, 2011

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Revolution, Insane investors flock to the dollar as a "safe" haven, Gold and Silver get big boost on Eurozone troubles and lousy jobs report, Obama backs off clean air regulations, Stocks get hammered, Amazon makes California an offer they shouldn't refuse but probably will, ECB Shadow council of ECB, Gulf of Mexico shows no improvement since Oil Disaster, Wikileaks cables details atrocities committed by U.S. Troops in Iraq, Fukushima Students wearing dosimeters, U.S. Nuclear plants not built to withstand likely earthquakes

  • Are investors blind, crazy or just stupid? Possibly all of the above. The dollar index shot up as troubles in the Eurozone continue and jobs in the United States continue to decline. Luckily, some of the smarter investors see the folly of buying dollars and are buying Gold and Silver.
  • Obama is backing off his threatened new higher regulatory requirements on the environmental standards as the economy continues it's free fall. There is of course, no mention whatsoever about the fact the global warming swindle, AGW climate change hoax, Global Climate disruption joke, has been exposed as totally false.
  • Amazon.com tells the state of California that it will stay in the state and hire 7,000 new employees, open new distribution centers and bolster the economy of the state if the state will just delay implementing new tax regulations for 2 years. Odds are however that the moronic control freak legislature of California will reject this proposal and shoot themselves in the foot, once again. I suggest if you live or do business in California that it is time to get the hell out of there.
  • The Deep Water Horizon, BP, Oil Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico has had a nice pretty throw rug over it. A peek under this rug will show that nothing has been fixed. The Gulf of Mexico is a dead zone. The floor of the gulf is covered with oil and toxic chemicals like Corexit. As storms churn up the gulf, these toxins may well be rained down on the shores and cities around the gulf.
  • The cables released by Wikileaks show many horrible things done by governments around the world. One of the most disgusting of such incidents is the execution style murders of Iraqi woman and babies. Of course the military did what they could to cover up these atrocities, including bombing the site where they committed.
  • Students in Fukushima Japan are headed back to school, wearing radiation detectors. The Japanese government is doing what they can to deceive the people of Japan and telling them they should just smile as they are dosed with high-levels of radiation poisoning. Meanwhile in the United States, the earthquake in Virginia last week has brought to light the fact that many of of the nuclear reactors in the U.S. could not stand up to possible earthquakes.


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The Beatles – Revolution (video)

Dollar up as investors shun riskier assets

Precious Metals Surge As QE3 Now Merely A Formality

Obama backs off tough clean air regulation

Stocks hammered by dismal jobs report

Obama Creates Zero Jobs in August Despite Heavy Stimulus Spending

Amazon Offers To Hire 7,000 If California Waits On Sales Tax

ECB Needs to Reverse Rate Increases to Prevent Recession, Economists Say

Gulf Of Mexico Seabed Shows No Improvement Year After Oil Spill

WikiLeaks: Iraqi Women and Children in U.S. Raid Handcuffed, Shot in Head

Fukushima students back to school, with dosimeters

Quake risk to reactors greater than thought



Important Links I didn't have time to cover during the live show

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16,000 guns ‘lost’ from manufacturing plants in last 2.5 years: report

CONFIRMED: Libya War is CIA Op 30 Years in the Making

State Takeover of Pennsylvania State Capital Harrisburg Likely Coming Up as City Council Rejects Mayor's Fiscal-Recovery Plan

WikiLeaks: Iraqi children in U.S. raid shot in head, U.N. says

Dear Ben, Please Print us More Money



Atlantic Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook


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