RLM News – September 6th, 2011

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Former Middle Class are now homeless, update on dutchsinse, Wild Fires burn 1,000 Texas Homes, Ron Paul new Ad, Shadow ECB Council wants QE-Euro, New Mysterious strain of Swine Flu, America's Unique Brand of Fascism, Lazy People missing a gene, 9/11 Propaganda coming fast and hard this week

  • Many previously middle-class Americans, out of work for an extended period of time are finding themselves homeless, living on the streets, in cars, in tent cities or community shelters. The Fascist state agents, jack-booted thugs, commonly called police by the brainwashed masses, are out in force harassing those who have lost everything. This is just the beginning of what is coming. The numbers of people who can't mentally shake off the control-grid system they have been living under their entire lives find themselves looking within that system for an answer to their woes. The answer does not exist within the system. Not until they realize that the only way out of their agony is breaking free from and rejecting the system, will they be able to live a prosperous life.
  • Truth teller and exposer of globalist weather and planet manipulation, dutchsinse, had his main YouTube.com channel shut down yesterday. He is now using his back-up channel on YouTube, dutchsince, check out his videos and see what you are not being told by the CLAP or the government.
  • Wildfires are burning across Texas, taking out more than 1,000 homes to date. Rick "The Douchebag" Perry left the campaign trail to go and make an appearance in his state and show that he is "on the job" and protecting the people of Texas. There is a GOP Presidential Campaign Debate tomorrow night, September 7th, 2011. Governor Douchebag will probably use the Texas fires as an excuse not to attend the debate and show that he is a total liar and tool of the globalists.
  • The "Shadow ECB Council" is urging the ECB to lower credit rates and do further quantitative-easing (QE, Create more phony fiat money, lower spending power of current Euros) as they are watching the rapid decline of the Euro system, a system which was doomed to fail from it's inception.
  • As "Flu Season" approaches and the global pharmaceutical complex rolls out this years flavor of mass-population poison, known as vaccine, a "Mysterious" strain of swine flu has shown up in Pennsylvania and the bird-flu in Asia, which never went away, is "suddenly" reemerging in order to scare the sheeple slaves of the world to not only accept this poison into their veins, but to actually demand they be given it.
  • As the 10th Anniversary of the 9/11 False Flag event approaches, the CLAP and the governments of the western world are pushing the "buy the official fairytale" line extremely hard. If you question the official line of bullshit, you are labeled a kook, an extremist, crazy, a terrorist, and a host of other names in order to get people to not listen to you. I, for one, gladly accept any and all tags they throw at us "Truthers" and I ask, If you are not a Truther, what are you?


The Video recording of the show is at the bottom of the post.

These are the links from the information shared on the Real Liberty Media News on
Channel 1 -September 6th, 2011.

US streets full of formerly middle class (video)

9/6/2011 — channel shut down – web site hacked – new channel started AND response to critics

Wildfires sweep across Texas, charring 1,000 homes

Ron Paul Ad Trust- Campaign Ad

Shadow ECB Council Pushes For Rate Cut And Monetary Easing

Number of Cases of New Pennsylvania Swine Flu Strain Rise to Four

America’s Unique Brand of Fascism

Lazy people are missing athletic gene according to new study

9/11 Ten Years On: Gestapo-With-a-Grin


Important Links I didn't have time to cover during the live show

Gibson Guitars And The Lacey Act Misused

Fox Host and DNC chair spar over Hoffa’s comments

Janet Napolitano: Drudge is 'just wrong' on privacy

The CIA’s Selective Secrecy

Federal Court: Traffic Stop Does Not Justify Home Entry

Postal Service Is Nearing Default as Losses Mount



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