RLM News – October 25th, 2011

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Who is the enemy of the people? The State. They try to control your thoughts from the day you are born so that the reality you believe is their reality. They use massive propaganda to keep you "right thinking". But, who exactly is 'the state'. It is not the people you vote for, that you think somehow represent you. There are those behind the scenes running the show. And, it is a show. There are those of us that can see through it all and expose the farce for what it is. We are dangerous to them if we can get enough other people to snap out of their programmed state of zombie like existence.

The Video recording of the show is at the bottom of the post.

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News on Channel 1 – October 25th, 2011.

Bix Weir- Computer Market Rigging Programs HAVE BEEN TURNED OFF!

The State Is the 1 Percent

It’s not a conspiracy! Elite controls global economy

Battle for the Heart of the Occupy Movement

“Obama to Bypass Congress on Mortgages” … But “New Obama Foreclosure Plan Helps Banks At Taxpayers’ Expense”

They Just Can't Stop Screwing Us Over — One Reason to Take to the Streets

flu shot propaganda photo contest!

NaturalNews announces flu shot propaganda photo contest

Crowded, stretched world awaits 7 billionth baby

Possible study of anthrax vaccine’s effectiveness in children stirs debate

The State Can ‘Seize Control’ and ‘There Is Nothing I Can Do’: Glenn Weighs in on Nov. 9th Emergency Broadcast Test

Cain Campaign Says Video Is Authentic


Additional Links Not Covered during Live Broadcast

The Parallel Universe of the Paulophobe

The Largest Galaxy Clusters in the Universe Hint That Something is Behaving Strangely

Nov. 9th Emergency Broadcast Test

PressTV – ‘Palestine bid faces new barrier at UN’

Brutal arrests at Occupy Oakland

Reckless Endangerment: Totally Corrupt America

CDC committee recommends boys receive HPV vaccine

Latest Security Flaw in Skype Enables IP address & Location Tracking

What’s The Point of Darpa’s ‘Flying Humvee,’ Exactly?

Bodies of Gaddafi Supporters 'Found Executed' in Sirte



The Tiny Dot – by Larken Rose


The Most Bizarre Campaign Ad Ever? Herman Cain and The Smoking Man



Show Recording

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I am the founder of Real Liberty Media. I believe in absolute freedom for all people.
I am the founder of Real Liberty Media. I believe in absolute freedom for all people.

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