RLM News – December 28th, 2011

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I am, today, putting out a call
to action. This deals with the tyrannical government’s
intrusion and spying on you if you use words they don’t like, if you
think things the don’t like or basically, if you merely think for
yourself. In an article posted on TheBlaze.com
today, they explain that if you use word in your tweets, on twitter.com,
you will trigger a monitoring event by the Department of Homeland

I am suggesting strongly that everyone use these words on a regular
basis and throw so much garbage down the throats of this fascist
organization. Let them choke on useless information. Force them to
manually read every tweet, no matter how inane. In fact, the more inane
the better. When somehow words like “human to animal,“ ”collapse,“
”infection,” “outbreak” and “illegal immigrants” are considered a
threat to national security, the government has clearly lost it’s
friggin mind. I hope this will take off and turn into something big
enough to cause them severe headaches. If not, oh well, at least I put
it out there.

The Video
recording of the show
is at the bottom of the post.

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Real Liberty Media
News on Channel 1 – December 28th, 2011.

Iran threatens oil artery shut-off if
sanctioned – Video

US Navy Says Any Disruption To Straits Of
Hormuz “Will Not Be Tolerated”

MoveYourDomain from GoDaddy Day
Countdown: CFR declares “Time to Attack Iran” – SCG News 12-27-11

MoveYourDomain from GoDaddy Day

Obama Nation: Even More Debt And Even More Store Closings

Gary Johnson Goes Full Libertarian
Which Keywords on Twitter Get the
Government’s Attention?

BP is not liable for anything, ever – just
ask the courts

BP Propaganda AD (All Lies)
Big Brother Pays Off as Predictive Behavior
Technology Targets Shoppers

threatens oil artery shut-off if sanctioned

terror watch list streamlined, updated instantaneously

Congress, Obama Codify Indefinite Detention
The U.S. government deliberately massacred over 1
million civilians yet still no UN sanctions, trials or military action.

Online Retailers Have A New Target Customer:
Drunk People

How Ron Paul Would Defend America

Links Not Covered during Live Broadcast

I-40 in Arkansas Being Used as Military
Staging Point for Future Event? 

Rick Perry’s Increasingly Desperate Closing
Argument In Iowa

Priests, monks brawl in Bethlehem church
APMEX Hikes Premium for 90% ‘Junk’ Silver $1
on Paper Silver Smash

Which Keywords on Twitter Get the Government’s Attention?Q&A With The Doc: If Ron Paul is Not
Elected, Will We See PM Confiscation?

Gun sales at record levels, according to FBI
background checks

Textbooks ‘being replaced by smartphones and

Border Identification Systems Now Set To
Encompass American Citizens

Paul hit piece from New York Times will smear THEM more than Ron Paul


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