RLM News – January 23rd, 2012

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Witnesses Document Potential Vote Fraud in S.C. Primaries

Yes, Elections in the U.S. are rigged. Politicians are
selected, not elected. The bread and circuses surrounding elections are
certainly fun to watch and participate in, but the results are
predetermined. Voices of true liberty are stifled at all costs. You get
to see a few reports about dead voters casting ballots, of course, that
is controlled propaganda to make you think it is a minor problem and
that the number of votes cast fraudulently matters. The real issue is,
of course, as far as elections go, not who votes, but how those votes
totals are created.

When you speak out against the tyranny of
government, you are demonized in every possible way. I do believe there
will be revolution in the U.S. over this travesty, but I don’t believe
it will come via the electoral process. The sham of the elections will
be one of the catalysts, but far from the only factor. It is impossible
to say when or in what manner the revolution will occur, and I think
the beginnings of it are already being seen. We saw last week on the
‘black-out the web’ day massive protest against some of the tyrannical
legislation being pushed by congress. As one article I discussed
told you, those bills were red herrings, designed misdirection. That
doesn’t mean the people aren’t seeing what is going on with the real
oppressive legislation, but it did place focus and energy on a side
target rather than the main one.

The western world continues
marching toward another huge war/takeover of a country that will not
play ball with them, aka give us everything you own and accept our
puppet ruler. The U.S. military arm of the globalist banker controllers
put an old war ship in the Persian Gulf this weekend, the 50 year old
aircraft carrier, the USS Enterprise. I have very little doubt that
this ship will be used for a false flag attack in order to get the
sleeping masses on-board with the full scale invasion, occupation and
take-over of Iran. When you see it happen, don’t fall for the lie,
don’t believe what you are told by the CLAP or the government. It is
painful and shocking to realize just how evil the global control cartel
is, but if you refuse to see it, and speak out or act out against it,
the blood is on your hands.

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News on Channel 1 – January 23rd, 2012

Admit It: The Elections Are Rigged. –

Supporters Paid to be Romney Supporters

to send old warship to Persian Gulf
The Coming False Flag

US to send old warship to Persian Gulf

Additional Info Not Covered during
Live Broadcast

Romney to protesters: ‘Take a hike’

Admit It: The Elections Are


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