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Background Checks are gun confiscation

Right to Bear Arms If you support background checks for gun or ammunition purchases, you are supporting a gun ban which will eventually lead to your right to self-defense being taken from you. It seems that most people are ok with preventing felons and the mentally unstable from owning weapons.

There is a huge problem with that kind of thinking in that the state can declare anything you do as a reason to place you into one of those categories. If you don’t blindly agree with and believe everything the government says, you will be declared mentally unstable. If you have the nerve to actually speak out against any of the government’s policies, you will be declared a felon.

If you believe in your natural right to self-defense, against criminals and tyranny or if you support the Constitution and 2nd amendment protections, you should be absolutely opposed to any kind of background check or gun regulations. This includes the need for ANY gun license, registration or concealed carry permits.

These are the links to the stories covered on the RLM News Show – April 09, 2013

The "It Can't Happen Here" Syndrome
The “It Can’t Happen Here” Syndrome

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Ohio jails debtors

According to a report by the ACLU of Ohio, the state is putting people in jail for for not paying their debts. The study revealed that 1 of 5 people in Heron County prisons were behind bars due to failing to pay pending obligations even though the practice was outlawed in 1833. RT’s Rachel Kurzius clarifies what is going on.

Links to other Important Stories I didn’t have time to cover on the show

NRA tactics lead gun owners to think universal background checks are already law
NRA tactics lead gun owners to think universal background checks are already law

The Resident: Bad in Baghdad: Secret US Base

Everyone has heard of Abu Ghraib. We all saw the pictures. But of the detention base known as Camp Nama, which was a short distance away and housed countless atrocities to humanity, we’ve heard not a thing. Which is why you should watch this video.

Antonio Buehler On Infowars Nightly News Talks About His Recent No-Bill From Grand Jury

The Grand Jury did not indict Buehler for either the felony harassment of a public official charge or the resisting arrest charge. Instead they indicted him for failure to obey a lawful order, a Class C misdemeanor punishable by up to a $500 fine. The Grand Jury did not indict Pizana for public intoxication or failure to obey a lawful order. They did, however, indict her for resisting arrest, a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in the Travis County Jail.

In the 15 months since the New Year’s Day incident, Buehler and other Austin activists launched the Peaceful Streets Project to fight back against police abuse, corruption and misconduct. They have held over a dozen Know Your Rights Trainings, a summit where they handed out 100 video cameras to needy residents of Austin, dozens of Police Abuse Complaint Departments and scores of cop watch events.

The Grand Jury also returned indictments against Antonio Buehler for failure to obey a lawful order, a Class C misdemeanor, for filming police on August 24th, August 26th and September 21st, 2012. Sarah Dickerson was also indicted for failure to obey a lawful order while filming police during the September 21st, 2012 incident.

A City of Austin Municipal Ordinance requires a person to comply with an order of a peace officer and prohibits a person from obstructing or interfering with an officer engaged in his official duties. Violation of this ordinance is a Class C misdemeanor punishable by up to a $500 fine. However, there was no evidence that either Buehler or Dickerson ever obstructed or interfered with an officer engaged in his official duties. Further, Austin Police Department policy (p. 106) clearly states that officers are not to “[i]n any way threaten, intimidate or otherwise discourage an individual from recording officer’s enforcement activities”, which is exactly what APD did to Buehler and Dickerson in each one of the instances in which they were charged with “failure to obey a lawful order”.

In all, the Grand Jury met on six occasions and heard from 13 witnesses, including Antonio Buehler and Officer Patrick Oborski, although they did not hear from either Buehler or Dickerson regarding the post-New Year’s Day incidents, nor any of the Peaceful Streets Project volunteers who witnessed those incidents. The felony charges considered by the Grand Jury were tampering with a governmental record by Officer Oborski as well as harassment of a public servant by Antonio Buehler. The Grand Jury also considered whether Officer Oborski committed official oppression. However, the Grand Jury did not consider any charges against Officer Snider, nor did the Grand Jury did consider felony charges of Aggravated Perjury or Aggravated Assault against Oborski or Snider.

The Class A misdemeanor for Pizana will be transferred to County Court and will be handled by the County Attorney’s Office. The Class C misdemeanor cases for Buehler and Dickerson will be transferred to Municipal Court where they will be handled by Municipal Court prosecutors.

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