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The following quotes are taken from an article posted on Michael Snyder’s website, The Economic Collapse Blog, on November 22, 2011. The global banking cartel have continued to push the total system collapse out from the 2008 event until now, but I do believe they end is very near now, within weeks, I would say. I also believe that the banking cartel has a new system ready to roll out which will keep you under their thumb as lifelong debt slaves. Keep your eyes open and watch the events going on around the world to see who is benefiting. Follow the money. – Grimnir

Economic Collapse 2013“We seem to have entered the last days of the euro as we currently know it. That doesn’t make a break-up very likely, but it does mean some extraordinary things will almost certainly need to happen – probably by mid-January – to prevent the progressive closure of all the euro zone sovereign bond markets, potentially accompanied by escalating runs on even the strongest banks.”
Credit Suisse’s Fixed Income Research unit

“Lenders are finding it difficult to finance their day-to-day operations with short-term funding. This is a lot like 2008 but with more twists.”
David Rosenberg, a senior economist at Gluskin Sheff in Toronto

“At this point I’d guess soaring rates on Italian debt leading to a gigantic bank run, both because of solvency fears about Italian banks given a default and because of fear that Italy will end up leaving the euro. This then leads to emergency bank closing, and once that happens, a decision to drop the euro and install the new lira. Next stop, France.”
Major Douchebag aka Paul Krugman

“The system as presently designed has revealed a major flaw. And that flaw won’t be corrected just by words. Europe will either have to come closer together or there will have to be some other rearrangement because this system is not working”
Warren Buffett

“Think of it this way. When you build a sand castle at the beach, it doesn’t get totally wiped out by the first wave or the second wave that hits it. Each wave does significant damage, but the destruction of your sand castle is a process.”
Gerald Celente

These are the links to the stories covered on the RLM News Show – April 18, 2013

Americans Closer to Living on Edge
Americans Closer to Living on Edge

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An Open Message to Barack Obama

Obama, who exactly do you think you’re fooling at this point?

Links to other Important Stories I didn’t have time to cover on the show

US Mint Sells Record 63,500 Ounces Of Gold In One Day
US Mint Sells Record 63,500 Ounces Of Gold In One Day

America Alarm: State of US infrastructure now national security issue

The tragedy in Texas has highlighted risk management failures in the U.S. – and raised concerns over aging infrastructure as RT discussed with New York correspondent Marina Portnaya, who’s been reporting on a tough week for America.

Boston Bombings, Financial Pirates, Quake Swarms – New World Next Week

Welcome to http://NewWorldNextWeek.com – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news.

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