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Boston False Flag After all of the bizarre happenings last night in the Boston/Watertown/MIT area concerning the 2 “Suspects” from Monday’s Boston Marathon Bombing, my brain is about to explode from the sheer level of propaganda being pumped out from the various Governmental agencies and the Corporate Lame Ass Propaganda (CLAP) outlets, like CNN, NBC, ABC, etc., but one thing is certain, none of what they are trying to sell you as truth makes one bit of sense.

The two guys the FBI are trying to hang this on, which the public is buying in large part, seem to be no more than a couple of patsy’s. The FBI is telling you to pay no attention to the mercenary contractors there at the scene and focus solely on the two guys they want to frame.

There are not, that I have seen or found, any photos or videos of either of those guys setting down their backpacks or even acting in what would be considered a suspicious manner.

The contractors on the other hand are not only acting in a suspicious manner, but their very presence there is highly suspicious. This seems to be a live version of one of the many terror drills that the FBI has concocted and executed on many other occasions in recent years.

I don’t know the real story and I doubt anyone outside of the circle of planners and participants does, but I would strongly advise and seriously hope that you do not just blindly accept the word handed down to you by the Government and the CLAP.

Question Everything.

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Friends Of Bombing Suspect Talk About What A Great Guy He Is

Friends Of Bombing Suspect Talk About What A Great Guy He Is

FBI Releases Fake Boston Bombing Surveillance Video

Why Did FBI Release Fake Surveillance Video of the Boston Bombing Suspects?

The so-called video the FBI released that is supposed to be surveillance video is actual a digitally doctored slide show of still photos that makes it look like a real video.

The question of the hour is why? Why would they go through all of that trouble instead of just releasing clips of the real surveillance video?

Is there something in the missing frames they are hiding from the public they don’t want them to see?

This video shows exactly how the FBI made the doctored video from still photos to make it look like an actual video.

The Resident: How the Economy Is a Ponzi Scheme

Bill Gross, Nouriel Roubini, the Wall Street Journal and many others say that our entire economy is a Ponzi scheme. The world’s economy is built on a system that requires ever more people to consumer ever more products. Building an economy that constantly leverages the prosperity of a society’s future is bad enough: the fact that ours might fail sooner than later is cause for great alarm. As fertility rates continue to fall, we are in danger of losing the sheer numbers of consumers it will require to keep our current Ponzi-like economy going. The Resident (aka Lori Harfenist) investigates.

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