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Our streaming server went down 49 minutes in to the show today so this is a shortened podcast. Be sure to check out all the additional links and videos in this post. If you want to know how i would have reported on these or any other additional stories, just read them with an extreme anti-statist view while laughing at their stupid tricks.

These are the links to the stories covered on the RLM News Show – April 29, 2013

Syria: chemical warfare claims a lie
Syria: chemical warfare claims a lie

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The Twilight Zone 1985 Examination Day

OK, this is what happened… The Gov. analized everysingle kid to see how smart they were, if the kid was really smart they eliminated him, (for what i know if this is anything like 1984 by G. Orwell, the Gov. wants a population ignorant so they dont ask questions, no questions no over thinking, no unconformity, no rebellions) And their kid was above their standards so they eliminated him…

Links to other Important Stories I didn’t have time to cover on the show

Boston Bombing Reveals Washington’s True Colors
Boston Bombing Reveals Washington’s True Colors

I’m A Denier

It’s a parody of “I’m a Believer” written by Neil Diamond and performed by the Monkees. This version was written by Elmer Beauregard and Brian D. Smith and performed by Elmer and the M4GW players.

This song is in honor of all the new Republican Freshman entering Congress and the Senate most of whom are Deniers and proud of it.

I, pet goat II

You will have to watch this vid many times to see ALL the symbolism, signs and hidden meaning. The word Heliofant represents the devil. Even I, Pet Goat II, based on the the book being read to a class by President George Bush during the 9/11 attacks, has 9 characters, and then 11 at the end? 9/11?

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