If You Don’t Think NSA Spying Matters…

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USA BlindersIf you don’t think that NSA Spying matters, if you are one of those people who say “if you aren’t doing anything wrong then blah, blah, blah”, you might want to take a few things into consideration. For example, being as the government has acknowledged that the Prism spying program has been going on since 2006 and probably for much longer under Echelon, you need to take a few moments and try to recall during the last 7 years:

  • Every Phone call you have made or received
  • Every Email you have sent or received (Even those spam email’s)
  • Every website you visited
  • Every Picture you posted
  • Every Video you watched on YouTube
  • Every term or phrase you searched on Google
  • Every comment you made on any website
  • Every time you clicked “like” on Facebook
  • Any seeming innocuous thing you may have done, including:
    • Buying Anything with cash
    • Staying at a hotel
    • All travel
    • Any political rallies you attended or donations you made
    • Any charitable donations

I could go on listing more examples, but you get the idea. The government considers basically anything and everything you do to be a potential threat, to them, and a crime (see here and here).

To the government, every single person is the enemy in today’s world and if you don’t think them spying your every move matters, I will guess that you are either part of the government or beyond all hope.

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