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   We must learn survival from the day we were born. We must learn how to feed and clothe ourselves. We learn what is needed so that we may have shelter to rest our heads at night. We learn how to speak with others and not stay locked inside a shell. Some of our families talked about  freedoms and good will.

   As we grew older, we learned how to depend on and defend ourselves. We learned that there are choices that we have to decide. We learned what we need to spend money on… whether to go to that party or whether to save and have food to get by. Some of us learned how to fish, to hunt, and sometimes… where to hide.

   As the years went by, we gained more knowledge in how to survive. How to survive the world around us and read through all the lies. We grew stronger from the tough times in our lives. For some of us have seen the bad, the ugly, and worse. Do not hide the pain inside, for it can only eat you alive. For when that day comes and you have nothing to help you get by, remember the things you were taught and how you must survive.

   It will not be pretty, not pretty at all. We all will do what we must to protect our families and our land, for this is the final stand. You must take all the blood, the pain, the sweat, the tears… to fight with all your might for what you hold so dear. Remember these words my friend, for the time of survival is here.

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