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Over the weekend, many things have come to surface. In Chicago the “enforcers” have began to seize guns from those who are being claimed to have “mental illness”.

   As kids begin to start their school years once again, I expect more things to be coming out. More of which to try and put “THE HAMMER” down upon us. I also have found another piece of VERY interesting information. There is a new program that had started in Russia, being called 2045. I found this information to be very unsettling to me.

    I know most will no longer be here, but you must think of your kids and your grandkids. This is what their future world may turn out to look like. Their minds uploaded to a disk to be put into an “avatar” with no more human race. The video that the ELITE 2045 has made, makes it seem like it will be a wonderful life, no pain and no sickness, an immortality for all.   The human race would be wiped clean. Who is to say that all of your memories, your thoughts, your feeling would even be placed on these so called discs. If you sit and think for a moment of the things that can go wrong, you will see, there are WAY too many. Will it be that they only upload certain parts of your thoughts? Will you even have those memories you had as a child? Would they tell you they are uploading you and then BAM, you wake in this “avatar” with no memories of who you even are?

   Another issue I have with this is… Obama kept mentioned how he wanted to do “Brain Research”. We have seen where BostonDynamics and other companies, have worked with DARPA to make robots to supposedly protect us. There are stories through many website that have mentioned they are working on implanting a human brain into these machines. So with this knowledge I must then ask…. Was Obama part of the ELITE 2045 Conference or is it a race to see who can roll this plan out sooner than the others?

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