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By TAO – The Hug Queen –

As the afraid stay in their closed off worlds, we continue to fight for our food, our water, and the places we call home. There once was a time when no matter where you lived, the color of your skin, the clothes you wore… did not matter. Yes, there was a time. This is what THEY don’t want you to know about in those history books THEY have you read in school. There was a time when everyone WAS truly equal, lived off the land and gave back to the land. We can be there again. Out of positive energy there is… love, growth, respect, and above all, birth. Out of negativity you get… death, destruction, chaos, and hunger. All governments want to push THEIR negative ways upon us.

   One must ask themselves… which do you prefer in your life? Would you rather destroy that / those in which you love or would you rather rise above and join those whom fill their lives with positive. I can go deeper into this thought.

   Think of in the days of the Black Plague.. do you think they chose to die? The witches that were burned at the stake, no one ever thought that they could heal what might ail someone. Better yet….. how about the children born while Agent Orange was being used, did THEY give them the chance to say “NO”? You have a voice, you must use it, you have a soul that is full of positive energy. Do you wish to let it shine? This is something only you can answer, for I can not answer it for you, nor can anyone else.

   We all believe in something… whether it be god… goddess… and yes to the Atheists, for I know so many… you too believe in something… what is right and what is wrong. We are all in this together. We all fight for the same cause. So next time you go to the store, the gas station, where ever…. look at the person nearest you and ask yourself… Do they know what is happening? Go ahead, ask them. For another persons knowledge in the positive fight for ALL OF US, can be more powerful than you can ever imagine.

   I leave you with just one more thought… John Lennon had written a song “Imagine”… have you ever taken the time to REALLY listen to the words, feel the meaning, and block out everything else going on? Just live in the moment for just that song? Maybe you should take time today. If you are at work, school, or just can’t get away… it will only take a few minutes of your time. Find a peaceful quiet place… can be your backyard, in your house, where ever. Turn on the song, block out the internet, your phone (cell/home), your husband/wife, and/or even the kids ( they will be ok for just a few minutes… I promise ), and listen, feel it… Know what he is really saying. By doing so, you will find that positive moment. Now that you have.. share this with everyone you know.


With love and peace to you all … whether here on or by someone sending this via text, email, how ever. Know that you do matter, that someone DOES care.



~blessed be~

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