Get Up Stand Up

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  Get Up Stand Up

   Do not buy in to what everyone wants you to be. Be who You are and do what you feel is needing to be done. If you feel you need to protect yourself, then do so. If by doing so you are titled “A Prepper, A Conspiracy Theorist”… FUCK EM.

   Your journey in life has lead you to this, whether you knew this would be your destiny or not. It takes one person to stand in the crowd against the masses, one person to say  “I WILL NOT”.

   If another person hears this and believes in what you are standing for, they will stand with you. A vision can not be erased, an idea can not be forgotten, THEY CAN ONLY BE REMEMBERED!

   For this is how the change begins. Will you be the one that stands and shouts or will you be part of those who bow down and give in, giving up everything we have worked so hard to keep…. OUR LIVES!

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