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    As we go further into the reality of what is happening today. We find truth behind every door, every story, every lie being told, while some wish to keep their eyes shut from what is about to take place. In order for us to change the events that WILL take place, we must take a chance. Yes this might put you on a list or start to be watched, if you are not already, but we must continue on.

   Once your voice is heard by another, no one can take back what you have said. Someone WILL rememeber you, they will remember the knowledge you gave to them. You may be looked upon as a Conspiracy Theorist and crazy, but WHO CARES! We are many, we are from different races, background, and lifestyles. We CAN make a change.

   While the governments are working on how to fight against us,  to break us down, to kill us… to have THEIR ways be the way of THE WORLD, we research, stock pile, and spread the word of TRUTH. I do not like to force ANYTHING upon ANYONE… but the time has come, we MUST work harder at opening the eyes of the blinded.

   I do not want to see the GOOD people forced out of their homes they work so hard for. I do not want to have the governments take any of us away to a place of concrete walls and fences and not to be free. I do not want our children to be brainwashed to their deaths or the elderly killed because the government THINKS they know whats best.

   We have got to come together, we have got to spread knowledge to more people, WE HAVE GOT TO WORK HARDER. Only then can we break the chain of events. My voice is but one, but WE are many.

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I am the founder of Real Liberty Media. I believe in absolute freedom for all people.

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