Words Of Wisdom

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Words Of Wisdom

   The dreams we have are OURS for the taking. The reality we live is ours to control. No individual or government official has power over you unless you give them this power.

   Fear works the same way. If you show them fear or admit to fear, the governments again gain power over you. To stand for what you believe, gives you the ultimate control and power over them.

   To use your voice is to not be controlled by silence. Your words will be remembered for many years to come. For if your words are remembered, so shall you.

   Never hide in the shadows to gain knowledge and power. Let yourself be seen. For if others do not see you, they will not stand by your side and fight with you.

   You must fight for your life and the lives of others. It is not just your life the governments wish to take, it’s ALL of our lives.  Be safe in your journeys, look up and see what is coming, be aware of your surroundings.

   Be angry, be outspoken, be the one that does not follow. Do not give in, do not comply, and above, stand up for your life and the lives of all.

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