Anonymous Cop Claims Anonymity Is Bad, Proposes National Email Registry For Internet Users

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Anonymous Cop Claims Anonymity Is Bad, Proposes National Email Registry For Internet Users (via Techdirt)

Online anonymity is a feature, not a bug, as we’ve pointed out several times here at Techdirt. True, being faceless and nameless can often bring out the worst in certain people. Anonymity may make a bad things worse, but anonymity, in and of itself,…

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4 thoughts on “Anonymous Cop Claims Anonymity Is Bad, Proposes National Email Registry For Internet Users

  1. thats rich, the police, judges, mayors etc.. have taken measures and passed laws to HIDE THEIR HOME ADDRESSES on public databases “such as property owners, tax rolls, voter registration etc” so that when they ATTACK an innocent unarmed man/woman/child, they can’t be readily found!
    So anonymity for them but not for us?? yeah that sounds reasonable, right??

  2. Speaking of liberty, I wonder how much longer before tens of millions of armed citizens, when seeing the cops coming (that’s you, anon) just start shooting and consider it self defense?

    Just wondering.. (not to be confused with trolling)

  3. Ok Anonacop, you want to know why you’re not being taken seriously, aside from the fact you have no clue what you’re talking about? Then let’s show how you believe the laws doesn’t apply to you:

    You probably believe that cameras everywhere is a good thing becasue it forces people to act proper and makes it easy to identify lawbreakers. So are you in support of COPS being recorded 24/7 with the records public? If not, you’re a hypocrite and we already can make a good guess to your answer to this one.

    Hell, have you ever arrested a cop and fought to have the charge stick? You know damn well that many cops deserve to be arrested and yet I’d bet you never even thought of arresting a bad cop. So you’re a hypocrite. If you don’t believe me, then take the nearest video of a cop breaking the law near you (there will be dozens) and arrest that cop based on the evidence you see. No? video evidence not good enough for a cop but good enough to arrest anyone else? Then you’re a pathetic hypocrite.

    You believe people should always have to identify themselves, yet in most protests it’s the COPS who are removing nametags and hiding behind identical uniforms. Have you arrested any cops doing this yet? if not, you’re a hypocrite.

    You’re obviously advocating knowing who everyone is and where they live. Do we get to know who YOU are and where YOU live, mister anonymous? Thought not…

    Now shut up and get a clue…people are sick of dealing with pigs on power trips and trying to mouth off and stamp their feet until they get total power to do anything they want. YOU have to follow the law too, so don’t ever forget that.

  4. …control…control…control…these people are sadly hilarious…they can feel their legal authority breaking off in huge pieces…as they themselves have ignored and abused The Constitution for decades within their own lives and employment,…as well as the generational treason they have allowed to take place on their watch…as their perceived moral authority plummets into the sewer…and all the idiots can do is call for more regulation, more surveillance…and more of a police state….yes,…rah, rah, sis-boom-bah…God Bless America and all that….idiots…ironic idiots…..corrupt, ironic, idiots..all around….


    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

    p.s. – the real ironic part of all of this…eventually the people will demand 24/7 coverage of every law enforcement interaction…and without video/audio back-up…the Cop’s testimony won’t be worth the toilet paper Anon uses in an average dump….ha!

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