Behind The Woodshed Blogcaster – September 29, 2013.

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At the Situationally Aware Action Oriented Intelligence Center Of  Evolutionary Engagement

Open you a can
Tool of Shame & Ridicule To Compliance

Rising To the Top of the Worst.

Government Trafficking in and Victimizing People

  • New York sets up special courts to handle prostitution and trafficking cases  “The state of New York will begin treating most alleged prostitutes as victims rather than criminals”  “Lippman said that the vast majority of people charged with prostitution crimes are commercially exploited or at risk of exploitation. In sex trafficking, someone profits by forcing another into prostitution, sometimes through debt or force.” “Defendants who comply with the recommended services can have their charges dropped.”
  • Report: Sexually-exploited minors too often treated as criminals, not victims  “Children exploited in the commercial sex trade in the United States are too often overlooked—and tend to be treated as criminals rather than victims”  ““The crimes that we’re talking about here are crimes that occur in the shadows and behind closed doors, so it’s hard to get good criminal justice numbers,” Clayton said. “Rather than identifying the scope of the problem, we would profit from spending more time looking at high-risk groups.”
    Those groups include children who were previously abused, ethnic minorities and lesbian, gay, transgender, and bisexual youth, the report said. Other children who could be prone to sexual exploitation include those who have been kicked out of their homes, are in foster care or juvenile detention and those whose families are homeless.”

Law Bought Off

Hypocrisy Being Rampant

The Con is On

Best Be Prepared for the UNexpected

Of UNsavory Likely Confident Fellows Bearing Gifts

UNcontradicting The Nature of Reality

Make Any Claim When No Objective Basis is Available

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