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With the threat of war looming over our heads once again like a recurring nightmare, many Americans are wondering how these slaughters keep happening. Haven’t we been protesting? Writing our congressmen? Making and showing videos and posting our discontent on social media? Now that the congress has agreed to at least pretend to debate the issue, surely we won’t bomb another country to oblivion for some secret agenda. But wait a minute. There is a missing piece of the puzzle most people are not aware of. The consent of you and your congressman is not required.

On 04 Sept 13 Jim Kirwin put out an article that blew my socks off. I checked his sources and he is absolutely right. Obama can say with confidence that he does not need the consent of Congress to attack Syria. You see, when Bush wanted to attack Iraq in 1991he already had permission via a bill called Senate Intelligence Authorization Act. It was passed at 3:30 in the morning on Saturday, 04 Aug,1990.

The President of the USA has the power to:
(a)initiate war (without the consent of Congress)
(b)appropriate public funds (without the consent of Congress)
(c)define foreign policy goals (without the consent of Congress), and
(d)decide what is (or is not) important to our national security.The ‘Oversight of Intelligence Activities”,

Title VII, S.B. 2834, authorizes the following:
(a)Gives the president complete power to initiate covert actions anywhere in the world;
(b)Prevents Congress from stopping the President’s initiation of such covert actions;
(c)Allows the President to use any federal departments, agencies, or entities to operate or finance a covert operation anywhere in the world
(d)Redefines covert actions as “operations that are necessary to support foreign policy objectives of the United States” (a phrase so vague and broad as to be essentially unlimited) Senate Bill 2834 officially gives George W. Bush the authority to interfere in the internal, political, economic, or military affairs of other countries!

Everyone should take John Kerry at his word when he says:”We don’t contemplate that the Congress is going to vote no,” Kerry said, but he stressed the president had the right to take action “no matter what Congress does”. He means it. If this chemical weapons sham doesn’t work, they may get our friends the Israelis to screw up another false flag attack, which they will still pretend is genuine, and bomb Syria. Or they may not even bother.

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