Obama & Allies Tell UN to Cover for Lack of Global Warming

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global_warming_hoaxAs the United Nations prepares to release its latest report on “climate change,” leaked documents obtained recently by the Associated Press show the Obama administration and other governments are pressuring the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to cover up the fact that “global warming” essentially has been stopped for the last 16 years. The explosive revelations, already being described as “ClimateGate II” in the press, come amid a coordinated bid to revive the failing effort to adopt an international carbon regime in the coming years.

According to analysts, the leaked documents confirm once again that the global body’s alarmism about alleged “man-made global warming” is really a political ploy, rather than an issue of “science.” As The New American reported last week, with the ongoing UN climate deception once again re-emerging in the global media, experts and scientists are lashing out at what they see as the corruption of science — a dangerous trend for humanity. The latest revelations only add further weight to the concerns.    

Drafts of the upcoming UN IPCC report leaked to sympathetic “journalists” ahead of the official release tried to dance around an inconvenient truth that has been plaguing alarmists in the climate debate for quite some time — for the last decade and a half, the Earth has not been warming. The planetary entity’s supposed “scientists” and computer models had all been frantically warning of “catastrophic” temperature increases as carbon dioxide levels continued to rise. When it did not happen, however, the UN and its allies in the media and national governments were left with egg on their faces, to put it mildly.

Instead of admitting the major blunder or outright deception, the UN doubled down, claiming to now be more confident than ever that human emissions of CO2 were to blame for “climate change” — 95 percent sure, to be precise. UN IPCC “experts,” though, struggled hard to come up with a credible excuse for a lack of warming, leaked draft reports show. Everything from volcanic ash and declining sun activity to natural variability and heat supposedly being trapped somewhere in the deep oceans was implausibly cited to explain away the lack of warming in defiance of all the predictions.

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