Fear Pushers – Sickness and DNA Altering

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Fear Pushers – Sickness and DNA Altering

   For many years we have been told, that we MUST take vaccines to ensure a healthy life. To prevent us from the risk of contracting a “disease or some life threatening illness”. The 1st vaccine pushed on the public was in the 18th century (1796), for smallpox. By the 19th century, 5 new vaccines had become available, including one for the bubonic plague (1897). As the years went by, THEY began to push more of these onto the public. Informing families that they MUST take them to remain  “healthy”.  

   Between 1921 and 1998, 23 vaccines had become “available”. Included in this time frame was Anthrax, in 1954. This may shock many, due to MOST were informed this was issued in the 21st century. While pushing these vaccines on mankind throughout the world, THEY are forcing the general public to go to their local doctors for “medication”. We are told we must take a “pill or shot” for even a simple cough. Our DNA is being altered, making it EASIER to become “ill”, not allowing the human body to heal itself.

Centers Of Disease Control – Our History – Our Story     

   In more recent years, our children are being informed that they must take a vaccine to ensure they aren’t being “infected” with certain types of cancer. In 2006 the first vaccine for human papillomavirus began to be injected. Informing parents of young females that this would prevent what causes cervical cancer. Which in truth can cause them to not be able to reproduce later in life.  All of which is providing the downfall of mankind. Governments along with the CDC, have all dipped their hand into these “cures”. On July 1st 1946, the Communicable Disease Center was organized in Atlanta, Georgia. Now know as the Centers Of Disease Control.

   Walgreen’s has teamed up with the Bill Gates Foundation to “ensure” that children in other countries are receiving these deadly vaccines as well. Stating when you get a flu shot or any other immunization at Walgreen’s or Healthcare Clinic, they’ll help provide a “life-saving” vaccine through the United Nations Foundation. This is to “help” protect children in developing countries from vaccine-preventable diseases. What is NOT being informed to the general public, is that there have been many cases where children have become VERY sick and in some cases these “vaccines” have caused DEATH.

   Many individuals have not researched what is being “injected” into their bodies, their only concerns are that this will help “prevent” them from “getting sick”. They have overlooked the fact that scientists have been working hard on modifying  “vaccines, medications, and food” for MANY years. The companies they work for are receiving grants by OUR governments. To break this down.. the TAXPAYERS are funding their own deaths. If we do not start refusing these CHEMICALS, DNA as we know it will be lost FOREVER.

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