The Latest Global Warming Push

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The Latest Global Warming Push (via The Debt)

As the powers that be ramp up their latest global warming push (with the history-challenged masses long forgetting ClimateGate), a few facts need to be reviewed. Farley Mowat, the noted Canadian leftist and Greenpeace activist, wrote in his book West…

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4 thoughts on “The Latest Global Warming Push

  1. Well can anyone truly calculate what atmosphere earth truly has?
    1000 years ago, there were more trees per acre(to absorb CO2), less CO2 (no bulk CO2 emitting infrastructure, “population number of humans”, all forms of automobiles/machinery, etc).
    Now earth has less trees (cut down for human use/infrastructure/paper, etc), bulk CO2 emitting infrastructure, billions of more humans, and so on.
    Both era’s have the CO2 from volcanic activity, Universal activities at the “time” of testing in either era…is anybodies, guess even today.
    The loss of “coolant” from the earth’s crust, as oil and gas are used in transformers and refrigerators for their “cooling”, would this not be a source of coolant for the earth?
    Density and “mass” relocation/distribution of “earth” (buildings/infrastructure, mining, etc).
    Reverberations from all earth’s rumblings and “man movements” and explosive devices must also be taken into account, when scientists do there little calculations
    With the millions of years of combined “scientific knowledge”, and the multitude of resource gathering “tooling”, one would like to think there would be one scientist that call tell the truth or at least very close to it, to what is truly happening to earth.
    Perhaps it’s the cows all along, it is said, you can talk till, the “cows” come home.

  2. Part of their last-ditch media push is a series of programs coming out directed by James Cameron. An aging Harrison Ford sporting an earring just came to Indonesia to film some of its propaganda, ingenuously entitled “YearS of Living Dangerously”, ripping of an 80s Mel Gibson flick set in Indonesia. They tried to entrap the Indonesian Minister of Forestry, with a geriatric Indiana Jones jumping up on a table hoping to get dragged out by security to make a conniving scene. Look for the film to paint a picture of the government not towing the Climate Change line, even though government rhetoric and laws have swallowed just about the entire story from the beginning.

  3. Listen you stupid schmucks! The world is getting warmer! All the heat is hiding under the arctic ice!
    Trust me! I am a “respected” scientist! I am the holder of “Trofim Lysenko” Award!
    Would I & we the “respected” scientists from the IPCC lie to you Oi Polloi?

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