Death Due to Convenience

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Easy Way Hard Way                                                                            Death Due to Convenience

   We all see what is taking place in the world today. While the cost of the “dollar” lowers daily, the price for products grow. Jobs are being done by the ease of pushing a button instead of hard work done with blood, sweat, and sometimes tears. Life is no longer simple. Unless you retrain your mind to understand that all these things that you have at your finger tips are all just a CONVENIENCE.

   “Mankind” is the only creature on this planet that thinks it must have this or that to survive. We are the only ones that will purposefully kill one another for personal gain. Not only are we slowly Birdkilling off each other, we are killing off ALL creatures on this planet. We must stop allowing THEM to control and pollute the lands.

   We must rise and STOP them from destroying ALL the creatures on this planet. Most of which can not speak for themselves. They can only fly, run, or swim to safer ground/waters. There will come a time when there is NOT a safe ANYTHING, what then? No place to go.. no place to be safe. Nature will slowly die off. When this happens, we will shortly follow.

   Each of us should take time to see what it means to live a simple life. Find out what it means to build something by your own hands instead of buying it with THEIR dollar. Taste food that was grown from a garden that you have worked hard to maintain. Take time to see through the eyes of those whom lived in days of the “pioneer”.

   Not everyones’ views are the same. But… we all DO see nature the same. Protect it, for it is no longer able to protect itself. The voices of the creatures have been silenced by THEM and the pollution they have forced upon all of us. We must protect what is left of this planet if we expect to rebuild ANYTHING!

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