Alaska Shield 2014 Exercise Series and Full – Scale Exercise (FSE)

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Alaska Shield 2014 Exercise Series and Full – Scale Exercise (FSE)
As discussed and developed at the Alaska Shield 2014 Concept and Objectives Workshop hosted by the State of Alaska Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHS&EM) on July 9, 2012, in Anchorage, Alaska

The capstone event of the Alaska Shield 2014 is the full – scale exercise. An earthquake scenario resulting in major disruption will (1) exercise the ability of communities to respond, assume responsibility for initial life safety needs at the local level; (2) assess the State’s ability to coordinate resources and actions to quickly support and stabilize the life safety situation throughout the State, while planning forward for sustained response and long-term recovery; and (3) exercise joint state and federal response to a catastrophic event.

Final Planning Conference / MSEL
January 14-16, 2014 MSEL Conference
Jan/ Feb 2014 – MSEL Synch
Feb/ Mar 2014 – FSE Conduct
(Initial Response Phase) March 27 -30, 2014
FSE After Action Review / After Action Conference April 8-10, 2014
Community Long Term Recovery Conference Leadership Recovery TTX – April 2014

Note: Dates are subject to changes and refinement based upon subsequent planning meetings.


Concept and Objectives Workshop Report
Alaska Shield 2014 will be conducted simultaneously with two Department of Defense/Alaska National Guard exercises,
Arctic Edge and Vigilant Guard . The concept is for each of these exercises to be independently controlled and evaluated, but components of each of the three exercises will play a supporting and integral role in Alaska Shield 2014.

Workshop participants discussed the target capabilities concept and possible objectives for the exercise. This was a large task and the group agreed that the following objectives would be included. It is by no means a final list and will be modified and refined as planning for the overall exercise progresses. During the planning process the appropriate capabilities will be

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