Connections Between Earthquakes, Fracking, and Sinkholes

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Connections Between Earthquakes, Fracking, and Sinkholes
Written by TAO

The following information has been broken down into parts. Each having links for further research.

Earthquakes and Fracking:
   Anytime that you drill into the earth, there will be a shift. Depending on the amount, this CAN cause a great shift in the crust/soil. Individuals living near the areas encounter small earthquakes. In some cases, these are unfelt by the public. Fracking, at one time, had only been done in unpopulated areas. More recently, companies have moved towards cities and towns and have extremely increased their drilling.

Map of Oil & Natural Gas Fracking Health & Safety Issues

   While fracking injects water and chemicals into the ground,  deadly gases are released. There are 800,000 injection wells nationwide in the United States. Nearly 450 earthquakes magnitude 3.0 and larger occurred in four years from 2010-2013, over 100 per year on average, compared with an average rate of 20 earthquakes per year observed from 1970-2000.

Dangers of Fracking

   In the past year there have been many earthquakes in areas that used to NOT see ANY! If you look at seismic activity in Texas & Oklahoma (just to name a couple) you will see earthquakes near these Fracking zones.  There has been talk in the past whether or not companies would begin to use hydraulic fracking near volcanoes.

Man-Made Earthquakes Update / Posted on: January 17, 2014

Fracking and Sinkholes:
    Sinkholes can be caused from natural shifts in the land. Though, many regions are seeing an increase in sinkholes. When removing any substance from the earth, a pocket will remain. This pocket will eventually collapse. Depending on the size of the removal is whether or not you will have a crater or just a pothole in the ground. Drilling and mining have been the cause for many years as to why sinkholes are happening. This can range anywhere from Salt mines and Uranium mining.

US Company Uses Fracking Technique to Extract Uranium / Posted: January 24, 2013

General Earthquake Information:
   Since the first documentation, there has been activity all around the world. Recently, we are encountering more reports of seismic activity being triggered by the hands of mankind. Earthquakes are found  to take place before and after volcanic eruptions. This gives researches the ability to monitor and inform the public of hazard possibilities in their area.

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4 thoughts on “Connections Between Earthquakes, Fracking, and Sinkholes

  1. It’s truly hard to take anyone seriously who doesn’t use proper spelling/grammar. Not to mention, you’re passionate about shutting this guy down because you’re making money from fracking, of course you would be trying to quiet bad publicity on the subject.

  2. This is not even worth a comment,,,,tons of false data….About FRAC;ing – Okay, I have gotta say some thing,,,,:People are being fed a load of false data regarding frac’ing. This thing posted is loaded with it, and somehow this fear monger is making bucks or getting attention units and distracting folks from what is important, , but here ya go. Example, he zooms in on a pump jack a device that is used for lifting fluids, oil, salt water with the oil, etc, out of the ground and says, “Mostly likely they are injecting water into the well” ,,LMAO,,,no they are lifting oil and fuild OUT of the ground…..You Can;t do both at the same time. Is it a horizontal frac’d well, No,,,it is a vertical well, Yes I can tell from the zoom in and know the area, I have drilled and completed thousands of wells and frac’d hundreds of them. Frac’ing is not new, It started in the Appalachian Basin over 60 years ago. Same frac, same thing but never were tried in Texas and Oklahoma before. Another example : Earthquakes increading in Alaska where the wells are frac’d,,,,heck they have NEVER needed to frac wells in Alaska, They come on natural and don’t need it. Another example of dressed up and dubbed in false data – 800,000 injection wells in the US injecting fluids which cause toxic gases,,,,there ARE More than 800,000 injections wells which recycle water safely back into the formation from which they came, oil is taken from it and less than 1/2 of 1 % of the fluid is oil because it is valuable but it is going back where it came from. It is the salt water produced from the well bore from thousands of feet down. It is “Standard” oil field practice to inject produced water back into the formation from where it came to maintain reservoir pressure to drive oil to other well bores. Have operated over 500 of them. Never a leak into any other formation. EARTHQUAKES ARE NOT CAUSED BY FRAC’ING,,,…We have measured the seismic event around wells and a truck on the freeway is a bigger seismic event, so lets blame it on trucks or maybe the president,,,they started when he becamse president,,,Earthquakes in the areas that are being frac’d are a result of a shifting of tectonic plates. This has increased and he is way off in his numbers, there are many more earthquakes in these areas, than he is showing,,,,as many as three a day in Oklahoma, many small ones that he is not counting and that the USGS does not publish. If he really wants to terrorize people and create fear, use the real data, the earth is in a period of shifting world wide, why ? Hell I have no idea, likely due to magnetic shifting of poles which has occurred several times in recent history of earth (last million years or more) but it has nothing to do with fracing,,,,he is showing the earth quake areas of the San Marcos Arch, Fort worth arch and the transcontinental arch through southern Oklahoma, as well as the Eastern Overthrust,,,these are tectonic plates of overthrust where one plate is overcoming another one, the earth quakes are deep seated 10’s of miles into the eartch crust,,,a frac cannot possibly go that deep,,,Here is what happens when a well is frac’d….you can demostrate it easily enough,,,each section frac’d recieves between 150’000 lbs and 300,000 lbs of sand or propping agent to hold the fractures open so oil or gas can come back to the well bore. The fractures that are created are 1 to 2″ wide of better hopefully. That is about 8 truck loads of sand. Now to demonstrate this, you can do this mentally, put 4 trucks going opposite directions (8 trucks total) and lay 2″ of sand on the ground and it will go about 300′ in opposite directions…with a Great frac, that is as far out as we can go. However, the frac normally goes in 4 directions within the shale. So do the math…,rarely goes further than 150′ into the formation that is being frac’d millions of pounds may be put in the ground but this is about as large as any one stage goes, there may be 50 stages per well in a well drilled 5000 feet or so.. The EPA has been studying frac’s since 2002, and have yet to find a well that Frac’d into fresh water, with the only exceptions being a result of casing, not cemented properly, about 1 in 1000….and now, it can be and usually is avoided by running a bond log to see if cement is bonding to the casing,,,,that costs millions so us Greedy oil and gas producers don’t like to give away money so we prevent this from occuring. If we frac’d into water zones, it would ruin the wells and water would overcome and bypass the oil being less viscous, thinner than oil…..We, many have actually used seismic gear to locate how far out the fracture goes, it barely registers……This guy and the guys who push this data off on people is enjoying himself creating effects with false data.. There is so much false data,,,,the ocean is still seeping oil where BP’s horizon well blew out….well of coruse it is, has been doing in for thousands of years, seeping up through deep surface to deep faults. That is how they found it, saw the leaks, ran seismic and drilled it…yet these fear mongers get good people who Care and waste their time on things that distract them from the real problems of the world and they are very very very good at it. :Poison chemicals in fracs, well since I make my own frac fluid, let me tell you what it consists of,,,what Halliburton calls their Proprietary Foamer,,,,,something that carries the sand beter, they don’t make it. They buy it like I do from the same place I do,,,,It is car wash soap, foamy soap,,What was required to be bio acceptable 20 years ago,,,,,clay stabilizers, so that the shale does not swell ….potasium Chloride,,,,light table salt,,,,You can google this, The governor of Colorado drank it at a investigation into frac’ing,,,,,those are the facts, easily googleable…
    ,,,,,hope this was not upsetting, but it is true…..I think if you will check out what I have said, you will find it to be true,,,oh yes, sometimes we frac with the oil that we get out of the ground, put it back in to carry the sand and then let it flow back,,,,that is pretty much it….

    Hell trucks cause a bigger seisimic event than a frac a mile down

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