In Our Shoes

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                                        In Our Shoes

   We were all brought into different cultures through out the world . We take in our surroundings through the views of our own making. The journeys we have traveled are never the same, though our paths are very similar but still unique.
Crowd   We pass others by as we continue to fight for a cause. Though from time to time, we bob and weave through the mislead. Never taking the time to speak with them.

   Each of us has our own skill/expertise. Though we should never shut out the knowledge that someone else brings to the table. No matter what takes place in the world, we all put on our shoes the same way each day.
   We all fight for the same cause, though our resolutions to the matters are very different. This is what makes us who we are. Each helping others understand the issues that are taking place to control and destroy each of us.
   WarriorWe continue walking in the shoes of the warrior. Step by step through the thorns of chaos we go. Cutting away the limbs that cut into our skin and wrap around us like shackles where we stand.  Everyone must keep pushing forward.
   Dig your heels in the ground and stand strong. Never give in.. Never Give up. Everyone has that day where they just want to raise their hand and give THEM the finger!

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