Information About Hospitals That Has Not Been Shared

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Information About Hospitals That Has Not Been Shared

   There are many things taking place at your local hospitals that you may not even know.  Through out the years many things have changed. Most have noticed that some areas that were once not on “lock down” have switched to limited access or “approved” access only. There are some in place for safety, like for birthing wards, NICU, etc. This ensure the safety of the child and mother.

   The above is very understandable. Though this does not explain why numerous hospitals or care facilities are having security systems installed that ALLOW the facility to “lock down” all entrances and exits. These system are being set up to ensure that a specific person/s can enter a code that would ensure NO ONE comes in or out of the facility.

   These same facilities are being trained on protocols for many situations by the “enforcers”. The training / drills are overlooked by so many that enter / exit these facilities everyday. Unless you are an employee to these places, you would never even think that this was taking place.
Dated: May 19, 2012

   Each has been provided with a “Module-Based Approach”. This includes: Bioterrorism and Other Public Health Emergencies Tools and Models for Planning and Preparedness. Below is some of the information that is listed in this “module”.

   “Hospitals must be prepared to respond to natural and man-made mass casualty incidents that may cause sudden demand on services. One of the foci of hospital disaster planning has been the use of drills to train employees in and to test aspects of hospital response. This tool makes it possible to evaluate hospital disaster drills by using evaluation modules and addenda. The value of this approach is to identify specific weaknesses for improvement and to promote continuing efforts to strengthen hospital disaster preparedness.”

Evaluation of Hospital Disaster Drills
Hospital Pandemic Influenza Planning Checklist

   Very interesting how some of this information has been worded. To the mislead individuals, this would be looked upon as just a “precaution exercise”. These “scenarios” are becoming more frequent. Yes, some of these exercises are to install the thought of fear in employees to do what the “enforcers / controllers” instruct them to do.
Dated: Oct 5, 2011

   I have spent a lot of time on this matter and wanted to share what I have discovered. Due to “they” are preparing for a casualty, this information should not be kept from the public. NO individual should be LOCKED DOWN anywhere. Whether it be a “school, hospital, or other facility”.

   The information is out there to read. They are leaving bread crumbs everywhere. Most continue to look away and think this will never happen. THEY can use “quarantine” for many situations; bio, natural, etc.

Pandemic Influenza Fact Sheet – Disaster Declaration

   The Federal Executive Boards in New York City and Northern New Jersey in partnership with FEMA Region II, The Department of Health and Human Services, Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) and The Clearing House are sponsoring a pandemic influenza continuity exercises – full scale exercise 2014 – to increase readiness for a pandemic event amongst Federal Executive Departments and Agencies, US Court, State, tribal, local jurisdictional and private sector continuity.

FEMA Pandemic Exercise Series

   Many hospitals, schools, and businesses have received the above information. To ensure that you are not left in the dark about this matter, do further research about your area and see what is taking place. Special masks, suits, and equipment are being ordered, there is more going on than what is being told.

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