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   We are TOLD daily that we must bend over and take what is being done to us. Mislead to believe that there is NOTHING that we can do to fight back. AND WHY? THEY know if more begin to stand against the decision that have made, THEY would have no control over the lives they wish to destroy.

   No longer would the masses be mislead to think that honesty and truth come from the media that fills their televisions, newspapers, etc. Individuals would begin to realize that the entire “taxing system” helps no one but the bankers. Though THEY want you to believe it helps everyone.

   We are informed that we are NOT to speak of ways to help the pollution that they are forcing upon us. We are “told” we are to NOT take action. The world is mislead to believe that they MUST follow THEIR laws/ordinances/rules.  We have total control of our lives and how WE live it.

   The enforces no longer are able to push their fear into the minds of those who refuse to listen to THEIR lies. We have a voice to shout NO. We have legs to walk where WE want. We are NOT robots. So why would ANYONE want to stroll through life obeying commands pushed into your brain?

   Simple, DON’T!!!

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I am the founder of Real Liberty Media. I believe in absolute freedom for all people.

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