Pellets to the Mislead

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Pellets to the Mislead

   RushIn today’s world, most are focused on where they have to be at this time or that time. They forget about the simple things that matter. What it means to be ALIVE. They choose to not care what is in their food and water. Nor do they care of the control that the system pushes on them. They are mislead to believe that the “government” only “cares for their safety and protection”.

   If you went up to any ONE person that was walking down the sidewalk and aksed them “What do you know about Japan and the radiation that is taking over?” I bet most would state that this is under control. The MSM has fed them pellets to believe the  lies that are being told. They are brainwashedEducate Yourself to think that what “they” are stating is fact.

   If you where to ask someone “What do you think about the control and surveillance that is taken place by the hands of our “governments”. Most will answer that “they” have gone too far. Yet the same person that answers this question, believes they can not do anything about it.

   There are many forms of being mislead. Most have continued through out their lives, never questioning what has been told to them and if provided the information would not look once. But, there are some out there, like you and I, who have always felt as though something is not right.

   In order to stop feeding upon the pellets that are given to us like lab rats, one must say “NO”. No to the control. No to the chemicals that are pushed upon us and our families. We all have grown up hearing the word NO. Our the futureparents or loved ones would say “NO” every time we would do something they thought was wrong.

   The “governments” are doing SO much wrong! We do not live and breathe to satisfy them. We are not their lab rats to do with as they please. So why “ALLOW” them to control every breathe or movement we make. STOP GIVING IN! STOP OBEYING what “they” state is how things are. Every person that stands and no longer allows to be controlled, can in fact make a difference.

   Do not fear the controller. For when you stand, you are no longer allowing them to have power over you. You have power over yourself. TAKE BACK what is yours, YOUR LIFE!

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I am the founder of Real Liberty Media. I believe in absolute freedom for all people.
I am the founder of Real Liberty Media. I believe in absolute freedom for all people.

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