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January 28, 2014

Forget global warming, worry about the MAGNETOSPHERE

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Buzzsaw : Cops War On People Deadlier Than Iraq

Published on Jan 21, 2014
Over 5,000 people have been killed in the US by police than US soldiers have fallen during the Iraq war over the last 10 years. The figure seems to reflect the increased militarization of police and, shockingly, means that you are 29 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist. We discuss the figures in this Buzzsaw news clip with Tyrel Ventura and Tabetha Wallace.

Links to other Important Stories I didn’t have time to cover on the show

Ares Armor
San Diego Gun Store Under Attack For First Amendment Right

Government’s War on Bitcoin | Mark Thornton

Published on Jan 27, 2014
Mark Thornton appeared in an exclusive interview on RT TV to discuss the arrest of Charlie Shrem, and the motivation behind the U.S. government’s war on Bitcoin and other private digital currencies. Thornton is a senior fellow at the Mises Institute.

Critic: ‘If the Libertarians Had Their Way, the Poor Would Die!

Published on Jan 23, 2014
Jacob Hornberger of the Future of Freedom Foundation joins Tom to debunk yet another anti-libertarian article.

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