Our DNA Altering: The Affects to the Sexes

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Damaged  Our DNA Altering: The Affects to the Sexes
This is the what the public is not being told. Men and women need to know this information. To know what is happening to us and has been for some time now.

   Most already know that radiation in many forms can alter ones body, as well as chemicals introduced into the environment. This can go on for many years without being noticed by the naked eye. Through the years many of us have been lead to believe that there have not been changes made in our DNA structuring. This is incorrect.

  We are able to see this, more in recent years, with GMOs and pharmaceuticals. Before both of these were HIGHLY pushed into the public, there was another factor. Chemicals were being sprayed into the air and documented as early as the 1930s, while bomb testing would be on the rise in the 40s. So began the age of changing our DNA structure.

   The United States, as well as the world, began to see “marvels” taking place. Bomb testing had began and Nuclear Power Plants were being built. Nothing would ever be as it once was. Withing 10 years, a change in the human body was beginning to reveal itself.

   Infants were being born into the world with abnormalities. These ranged anywhere from external organs not forming to physiological anomalies of the reproductive and sexual organs, in Layman’s terms, hermaphrodites. Many parents were unwilling to accept any of this and chose to take their children to have countless amounts of surgery.

   SurgeonEach child enduring unthinkable pains from these “procedures” and confusion from what was taking place with their bodies. Infants and adolescence were being mutilated by the hands of a “licensed doctor”. Meanwhile, their parents justifying this by “societies ways”, while these children are left to feel ashamed.

   Once these “procedures” had been done, the physician would inform the parents, “In order for your child to live a some what normal life, they will need to take this medication”. Pushing “pharmaceuticals” into the blood stream and causing the child to be altered to more what “society” would “accept. Through the years the number of males being born compared to females has dropped.

   The public is being informed “There is a dip in the ratio of boys born per girl during the famine years”. “In good conditions, invest in sons; in poor conditions, invest in daughters”. “The evolutionary argument goes that anybody who can do this survives, anybody who cannot, they go away.” This is put forth to make one believe that “conditions” are what determines whether a male or female is born.

   Uranium in drinking water affects the hormone and estrogen levels. This is not only affecting our species, but others here on earth as well. In the below links, Leuren Moret describes in further detail how this has affected the us all. U.S. fertility first dropped in 1972 and by 2002 had dropped to a record low. During most of the 1970s and 1980s women gave birth to fewer than 2 children on average, a rate insufficient to replace the population.

Population Exposed to Environmental Uranium – Increased Risk of Infertility and Reproductive Cancers!

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