Radiation, GMOs, and Agenda 21

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Radiation, GMOs, and Agenda 21
   For many years we kept hearing Agenda 21 would begin in 2014. We are seeing signs of these results everyday and it is getting worse. When everything in the air, water, and land is mixed together, the symptoms can not be tracked to one thing or another. The agenda is being played out  in full force Their plan for genocide, the UN Agenda 7-7-7 (Agenda 21).

    There are many layers to this agenda. Unless you take all the pieces that are out there and lay them on the table, you won’t see the full concerning picture. This starts with every being born. Once you come of age and are sent to their “learning facilities”, the Brainwashing In Our Schools begins.

      During our growing process, we are mislead to believe that ALL food is healthy for us. We were mislead on Where the Control Lies. Each being told to buy and consume. While we were so caught up in seeing what they wanted us to see, we missed so many things that were actually taking place. We completely missed that we were being force fed Death Due to Convenience.

      Meanwhile behind the curtain, much more was taking place. We didn’t see the Connections Between Earthquakes, Fracking, and Sinkholes. We had no clue as to who Monsanto’s Dirty Helpers were. Still much of the public that has no clue about Fukushima and How It Is Affecting You NOW!. Nor are they paying attention to Anhydrous Ammonia and the Effects To Land and Us. This is so Overwhelming To Most.

    These same individuals are caught up in Allowing To Be Mislead. They continue to buy into the Fear Pushers – Sickness and DNA Altering. Many would disgree that this agenda has not fully unfolded. For many years the governments have been pushing subliminal messages into the television that we watch/ed. 1960s Subliminal National Anthem Video Says ‘Obey Government’ is an example of what has been forced into our minds without our knowledge. There is one last piece to this puzzle that is slowly seeing the light of day.

     Robot / Cyborg Technology is being talked about more and more. We must do what we can to strengthen our mind, body, and souls the best we can. We have a hard fight ahead of us. We can do this if we stick together.

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