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Next Step

   Every where we look there is contamination. We strive daily to find the good a world of destruction. Each day another controlling “law” is being put into play. More invisible shackles being placed on the next generation.

   Behind the curtain there is SO much more taking place. Chaos and lies for death, while those who call themselves “Leaders of the people” to gain a profit fit. The more who choose to live off grid and self sustaining lives are no longer are having to pay for electricity, water, etc. Nor are they buying food from stores that could be tainted by the hands of another and the taxes that come with the above.

   Two speeches come to mind as I write this today:

   The answers to what must be done are here. The passion is in each and everyone of us. We must go forth in acting on it. We must no longer depend on a world built by lies. Instead, live in a world that strives for a better tomorrow. Doing things for ourselves; working the land and building something by hand.

   Convenience got us into this mess. It is time to stop and go back to a time when blood, sweat, and tears meant something. It is time for us to take the next step. We have been sharing knowledge on lies and unjust ways of our governments, now we must step up and start teaching others how to build a garden, shelter, a means to survive and NOT depend on the help from those trying to destroy us.

   If those who have been mislead choose not to believe what is happening in the world, let’s change the direction we go about it and try to help them “lower their cost of food” and “save money” on products by making it themselves. This has endless possibilities without being told “You are a Conspiracy Theorist”. Let’s show the world we are willing to help if they are willing to help themselves.

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