I am an activist, hear me roar!

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I am an activist, hear me roar!


   We have hit a moment in our lives where we must choose a path. Continue on the road we are traveling and watch as the world crumbles before our eyes. The agenda, so well written and planned out, continues to be revealed. It’s like an onion being peeled, each layer causing more tears to fall.

   We have sat and watched them enforce their ways into the schools. Turning them into prisons, not caring what this is doing to the child that attends. Only wanting them to keep their face down, reading what is pushed by the governments COMMON CORE bullshit!.

   We are having EVERYTHING taken away from us. Though many just continue to go day by day with no thought of how this will affect them. The United States is the key to the destruction of our world. Families are being forced to eat GMOs, be vaccinated, live their lives in fear. If we even fight the slightest bit, we are “homegrown terrorists”.

   We are not the enemy of the world, that is those which hold office. We are looked upon as parasites, a disease to the planet. I do NOT wish to be part of their Rat Race, their destructive game in which we lose and they win. I do not wish to live in the concrete jungle that they wish to build for all of us, that would keep a closer eye on what we do.

   We are not the selfish being they think we are. How is wanting to have healthy food for our families, a place to call home, and a simple life being selfish? IT IS NOT! How is it wrong to want to defend yourself from those whom wish you harm? IT IS NOT! Why must be continue on living the life they want us to live and not live the life that protects us and the world from chaos!

   I do not wish to see the waters dry up, the land turn to dust, or masses of people rounded up and put into their camps “for our protection”! I’m DONE with their chemicals being sprayed into the air for us all to break. No longer shall they use they’re weapons of destruction upon us to become the “all mighty being” for us to look up to and bow in front of!

   If we continue doing what we are doing now, Mother Earth will soon show her fury. We have walked all over her for long enough. Start showing her respect and giving back. No more taking for granted what we have had all of these years. She deserves respect and fighting for.

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I am the founder of Real Liberty Media. I believe in absolute freedom for all people.

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