Free Your Mind From Those Who Wish To Cage It

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Free Your Mind From Those Who Wish To Cage It

    tweaked brainFor years our minds have been tampered with. Tweaked to “society’s” perfection, like Frankenstein working on  his monster. Each of us to think as we are told to and not to think independently.

   We are to all wear grey, for being colorful is forbidden. When the alarm sounds we are to enter the Concrete Jungle. Eating the food pellets they provide and drink the kool-aid they leave at the refreshment tables.

   We are to be the “perfect little citizen” and not to ask any questions of why things are done. We are not to help each other but instead trust the government and the all the wonderful branches there of.

   no emotionWe are not to DREAM, LIVE, or be MERRY. We are to take the same paths that so many travel. To follow the leader to our deaths. For if that voice tells you to follow your own path, the white coats might come to get you.

   I choose not to live in that world of grey, but to live a life full of color. Allow my mind to wonder, to think freely as it was meant to do. To ask questions to better understand something or even research further into why “it” happened in the first place.

   I do not cage my emotions in fear that some white coat wearing hypocrite will come and take me away. I am a living creature who embraces nature, not one who buys into consuming to destroy it.

   Tomorrow is Independence Day for many. Will you choose to independent and celebrate the fight to be united as mankind and no longer live to obey.

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